Monday, November 1, 2010

Reeking to high heaven!

Dexter -crossly giving me the 'bum'. Wally looking (into camera) somewhat sheepish.

... that's the present challenge for this Dog Woods human slave.  The wander pups - Wally and Dexter were up to no good again. Just to keep you up to date, having these pups 'snipped' have only merely dampened their spirit of adventure.  They don't quite make an escape so much these days but when they do, they'll be gone for hours ...

Only God knows what they got up to yesterday ... but they came home reeking to high heaven.  It's a pong beyond description.  We don't have skunks in our neck of the woods ... but these Fur-boys, OMG!  It's the sort of stink that makes you want to instantly gag.

I had to hold my breathe while scrubbing these Fur-boys down.  Used all manner of soaps, disinfectant ... mind you, i had them scrubbed down at least thrice but to no avail!  Maybe I should resort to tomato juice ... at the rate they seem to still stink ...


  1. Fur-Boys, I want you to know that you are doing great things for me. All the great antics you boys have been up to since getting "snipped" has not given my Mom a good feeling about this "snipping" process. She was so hoping to see nice well behaved fur-boys at the Dog Woods, to give her confidence a "snip" would mellow me out. Keep up the good work fur-boys, because so far it is keeping me from the "snip" job. Winston

  2. BOL these silly boys make me laugh with their adventures, oh your poor mommy having to wash you with that smell!

  3. My 'bad boy' Bobo got into something the likes of what I'd never smelled. The only thing that finally cut it was a paste of baking soda and water. Smeared on then let set as long as he'd stay in the tub, then washed off.

  4. ohhh, thank you Pam!! I'll go try that tomorrow. Got loads of baking soda at my disposal. Even bought meself a few tines of tomato juice just incase.

  5. I can't recall precisely how old your pups are, but I know we neutered our boys later in life - around age 5, I think? - and the vet told us it might take up to a year to see the hormones leave their systems and behaviors mellow.

  6. Hi Channon,

    They're 2.5 years old. Well, i'm hoping their hormones would leave their system soon ... but right now it's the STINK i'm struggling with. *Phew!*

  7. We would have to comment that is it in the hound's nature to be adventurous!
    We also believe the worse a hound smells the happier he/she is - a great smell makes you feel like Top Dog!
    Heaven save us from these humans intent on cleaning us.............!
    Martha and Bailey xxxx

  8. There are several good khombos to help with the de-skunkin'

    Peroxide along with some other ingredients helps - or so we hear/read -

    Just Google that fur pawtential 'khokhktails' fur them -

    'They' also say some get great results with using human lady douche produkhts!


  9. Blech I hate smelly dogs. My pups used to love hiking until they realized it always resulted in a bath!


  10. Oh-oh!
    Sure they had a great time!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. Peroxide?!? That sounds kinda noxious. The sort that could peel skin or make fur disappear ...

    Must go google stink repellents ... *phew!*

  12. Oh dear...Let us know if tomato juice actually works. Those boys!

  13. There's nothing like a good stinky roll, is there boys!!?!

  14. Wow, it sounds like they have their own private sewer pool :-)

  15. My oh my... your poor mom!!! Hershey was spayed last week, and she was 'down' for all of 36 hours.. now she is back to her usual irritating, annoying, bothersome self!! Hmmmph...

  16. Unfortunately, neutering an older dog (more than two years) takes a longer time to see results.

    We were skunked last year, but the worst smell by far was when we went to the lake and my dogs found a long dead fish to roll in. It was hard to breathe around them long enough to bathe them. Good luck.

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  18. I like this greenery in that pic...
    I'm hoping their hormones would leave their system soon ...

  19. The boys played too much to something smelly, maybe that's why they smell too bad...Anyway I like the picture...^_^

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