Thursday, August 27, 2009

Waa-Wee's Post


This be Waa-Wee (Wally) again. With such a sombwe week of Joe being taken to the V-E-T and having sew-gee-wee, me ol' TOP DOG Dad thought it be good to let his Fuw-Kids paw the blog instead. And that vewy impowtant task fall on me becos I'm the Fuw-TOP of the Fuw Kids!

Tubby and Bwandi

Yeah well ... to be honest, there alvays some sowt of pow-wer stwuggle between Tubby boy and I. But becaws am taller, me am able to stare him down to size. Then there's me formidable gwow - *GRRWWWWWWWWoowooowooo* - which I learnt from me ol' Dad. I've been pwacticing alot that's why I always win ...

Dextew is forever chewing on some-fin...
Now what about me other bwother Dextew (Dexter)? He's weally not match at all ... being the show-test of us boys and most intewested in food ... he's usually let's me lead so long as his food bowl is not at stake.

Bwandi and I on sen-twee duty!

Me only sister Bwandi (Brandi) isn't at all intewested in any pow-wer stwuggle. She likes most to play and ex-paw. Sometimes she goes to places she's not allowed to go to and I would bak at her to come back before the Chief discovews how naughty she's been. Usually, my bwother Tubby is her pawt-ner in cwime.

But the last few days, they been vewy good. That's becaws we found ourselves a gweat place to dig ... we are convinced that we will find buwied tweasure soon - smells alot like gigantic bones! Today, the Chief neawly fell into the hole we been diggin' when she was walking Uncle Joe who's back fwom the V-E-T. Can't say she is vewy pleased ...

Uncle Joe's weecovewing. (Thank chew vewy much for the healing vibes and get well wishes!) Still a wee bit tired from his sew-gee-wee. Chief not letting him play with us too much. She thinks he still needs loads of west.

Waa-wee bye bye!


  1. Wally, you have to understand that humans find it annoying (to put it mildly) to fall into the wonderful holes you dig. I've turned my ankle, jarred my back and more, just from the small holes my dogs have made in the yard!

  2. Hi Waa-Wee
    We are with Brandi - being girls ourselves we like to have fun!
    It is much better to play and explore than to waste time and energy trying to sort out top dog position!
    We also love to dig but we know this is not appreciated at all.
    The Chief is like all these humans - she does not see the benefits of digging in the garden!
    Of course we dogs are great gardeners and if they just left things to us we would soon have it all sorted.
    We hope that Joe is back home relaxing now - if relaxation is at all possible at Dog Woods!!!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  3. We had a great hole that we all worked on, but yesterday our Dad filled it in with a bag of dirt that he bought. Well, he didn't fool us, early this morning before Dad was up we dug the hole again and sent that new dirt flying. Boy, was he surprised when he went outside and saw it.

  4. Nice to see you all -- glad to hear Uncle Joe is recovering!

  5. Wally you did a nice job of reporting. Maybe yer Dad will let you work a couple times a month if yer a gud dawg.

    We're glad Joe is home. Give him some extra lovey's k?

    Bobo and Meja

  6. Did you say DEXTER? As in my dumb brother? I hope your brother isn't as dorky as mine, but he does look ever so slightly annoying.


  7. We're glad to hear that Joe is home and recovering. We bet, once you got your snouts out of the hole, he had a special welcoming committee. Maybe you can bury some of the troublesome toys in the hole?

    Take care xxoo
    Be selective xxoo
    Jake and Fergi

  8. Have fun and enjoy your youth.

  9. Glad Uncle Joe's recovering. Keep a good eye on him so he behaves and recovers.

  10. We're so glad to hear the Uncle Joe is recovering. I am sure that your digging in the garden is just there to help your parents plant more green stuff! right...?!?

  11. Hey Waa-Wee..(I like your name!!), Good luck in the power struggle, although I think you should just take turns to lead. Makes life easier.. :)
    I like Dexter's attitude.. so long as the food bowl is not at stake, I'm easy!

  12. Oh yeah...humans don't know how to appreciate a good hole in the garden. Were you trying to dig to China?