Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy September and howls in between ...

Hello there good furry and fur-less readers!

Happy September! Can you imagine ... more than half the year has passed. And our bad, we did the least post in August. Much busy with many injuries (Joe, Trixie, Anna) and V-E-T visits ... (our V-E-T's building a new mansion at our expense!). Everyone's recovering nicely - thank you for the well wishes. Anna has scabs, Joe's still taking it easy - no rough and tumble games of fetch and Trixie in the mean time is in charge of guarding the house at night. :)

We've been practicing our nocturnal howlings. . The Chief wonders if its because its the month long Chinese 'hungry ghost festival' - not that she's superstitious but apparently some of our more scared neighbours (who've been burning hell notes) are not very appreciative of our howls. Somefin about death and ghosts...Arwowowoooo! in our neck of the woods, the gates of hell is left open for a month as oppose to a mere ONE night on Halloween

Anywoos, to keep the peace, the Chief advised to keep our howling to as briefly as possible - or at least howl quietly - if we absolutely must let out a howl or two. :p How's that possible? Them ambulance that wails past the area is like fuel to fire. Can't help it ... simply got to howl along sirens. Wooowoowoo! It's like letting out a good burp after a very satisfying meal - how can one do that briefly or quietly?! We knows, some cultures consider burping quite rude but in others a good burp is but compliments to the chef! We Dog Woods Pack (and other dogs around in the area) are merely paying howling service for great whines ...

As for the great digs around Dog Woods - the Chief & gang are in the process of putting dirt in to patch up them holes. She says, Dog Woods landscape is interesting enough and there's no need for us to add additional bits of' holey surprises' in the area. Harumph! there goes all our hard work ... but on the bright side, least there'll be more dirt to roll in ... Aroooo!


  1. Oh yes, it's the Chinese Ghost Festival now (I think it's now only about halfway through the 1 month long event), so you guys have another 2 weeks of howling to spook your neighbours!! **insert evil laugh here**..

  2. The music of the night!


  3. Sissy doesn't seem to be able to howl. I would love to hear some houndy howls.

    Happy september to you too dear dear friends!!!!!
    Great picks of your super special group!!!!!
    That's a dream!!!!!!!!
    CAn we come with you pleaseeeeeeeee????
    WE LOVE DIRT!!!!!!
    HAve a wonderful tuesday dear friends!!!!
    Tons of love and kisses

  5. we donts howl and Mums loves the sound of a good dog howl. Hopes Jo is recoverin, I hates the bucket and bashes them so last times I needed somthin Mums used a human neck brace and its worked ands I liked it better.

  6. Actually, our Chief would sometimes howl along .. hehehhe ...for a human she's got quite a nice howl!

  7. I love the howling... sometimes. Neither of mine have truly howled ever, but they have come very close. I love the pics of your pack!


  8. Oh, we love to howl. If Mom doesn't answer the phone by the second ring, we all howl to let her know it's ringing. If the garage door opens we howl to let everyone know, even though it's usually Dad coming home.

    Sometimes Mom takes us out after dark and she starts a howl and we all join in. But when she says stop, we all have to be quiet again.

    Too bad about your holes disappearing. Humans just don't understand the pleasure of a freshly dug hole.

  9. Chinese Ghost Festival? Never heard of it!

    Marge used to howl when we first got her. She didn't like the idea of not being able to sleep with us.

  10. You are a wild and crazy group of hounds! Always willing to find the silver lining.

    Lots of treats,
    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  11. Howling is SUCH a good thing to do and to hear!
    Me, I don't howl much, I just haven't quite mastered it, but my Mom is good at it so I will keep trying.


  12. A basset has got to howl! It is a required element of being a basset we believe.
    We think that landscaping benefits with a few surpise holes and like to dig ourselves.
    The Chief, like other humans, does not appreciate how much help you are with this design landscape!
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  13. Do you howl at the moon too? Never heard of the Ghost and Ghools festival...eeeeek scary.

    How's the landscaping going? Hope you are charging the Chief for all your work?

    Wiry wags n kisses Eric xx

  14. We have never heard of that festival either... sounds scary!

    I don't know how to howl yet cause I haven't met a proper basset to give me lessons! BOL!

  15. Happy to see you again!
    did you say diwt??sounds like a hoot..the mowe the mewwiew, hehehehe
    Howl away in happinews.
    I think Septembew is my favowitest momf..so fwesh and still wawm enuff to swim at my wun, but cool lovely nights fow gweat sneep
    smoochie kisses

  16. Tuffy & crew, don't the neighbors know your howls just add to the ambience of the festival? They should be paying you in doggy treats!
    Your pal,

  17. I'm still getting khaught up from my GIANT blog hole (300+)...

    Glad to see things are progressing in your part of the world!

    I hope your Spring is a furry happy and HEALTHY time!


  18. Happy September to you, buddies! I´m glad to hear you´re doing and howling well! Great pictures!


  19. Howling quietly?? I don't think that is possible!
    I hope you all have a pawesome month!
    Kisses and hugs

  20. Stay away from those Gates of Hell.