Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tuffy trails

When Tuffy arrived at Dog Woods, he was barely a few weeks old ... the size of a grown guinea pig! Tiny, compared to what he is now. Poo-pee girl who was a couple months older than, was at least a few times his size. And Joe who always treated Tuffy as the underdog until his Furkids came along could swallow the basset in one gulp, if he wanted to! I won't be surprise if the Vet told us he was heavier than Joe. The furboy is short and compact - heavy enough to totter anyone unprepared by his bulk over.

Tuffy, 'Tub" or "Tubby" - short of Tubular soon became his nickname. Mainly because he reminded us of an overstuffed bolster with legs or the midget Jersey Cow. Unlike Snoopy who's always sniffing for opportunites for treats in between meals - Tuffy spends his time in between meals snoozing - preferring his Zzz to treats!

In between Zzzs and a meal, Tuffy assumed the role of Dog Woods ambassador using his furry looks and charm to his advantage where he soon grew to be the favourite amongst visitors to Dog Woods. He'd greet them with his extended paw - his version of a pawshake and a greeting of "how do you do?" He'd trail visitors everywhere - even to the top of the dreaded stairs and then insist that his humans help him down! He's even one the friendliest terms with the Vet - Yes, even after all his share of poking and prodding! This nosey basset always insisting on poking his nose into the good doctor's bag, sniffing out all the great medicines inside until he's pulled aside.

Another activity that our Tub (of lard) does with relish is to remarking his territory - esp. the all the lamp posts out side of Dog Woods. He's not allowed outside unsupervised since the ol' boy, inspite of his cuteness can be quite an intimidating force. Imagine short furry bulky dog with flapping ears running towards you, growling menacingly ... it's really all fake bravado (since he does that to Joe and his Fur kids all the time!) But it's enough to set any stranger running - which makes him want to give chase even more!
Tuffy boy is known not only as being the father of our ( fortunate accidental) Basset-Dobie furkids but also for his baying! A typical characteristic of hounds, so I was told. He has a special bark for joggers, a growling bay for intruders, a bay to complain that Joe has been pushing him around (yet again!), a bay that dinner's late, a welcoming bay when we get home, a complaining bay that he's not getting enough attention, a bay that he should be the centre of attention and NOT Snoopy or the Furkids, that it's too hot, or too wet ... the list goes on. Tuffy being most verbal of the dogs in Dog Woods has even lost his bark once or twice after his over enthusiastic non-stop bayings when one of the furgirls went in heat. (Thankfully, we no longer have to deal with that since all the furgirls all been fixed! I don't think we nor the neighbours can stomach another non-stop episode of love-sick bayings!)
Interestingly enough, having Furkids and expanding his Basset gene pool has given Tuffy a leg up over Joe's tenacious brains and brawn. The change is evident. Tuffy is now TOP DOG and Joe no longer pushes him about like he used to!

This blog, "Tuffy's Tales" began mainly because of him. An underdog who once trailed after Snoopy and got pushed around by Joe the Rottweiller, is now reigning TOP DOG of Dog Woods - with Furkids on tow!


  1. Great story!

    Great pikhks...especially the last one!


  2. Tuffy, you are the man!
    Snoozing between meals does not sound bad but of course I would not change that for treats!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. "Cinderalla story, outta nowhere ..." You rock, Tuffy!

  4. The power shifts! He is certainly the king of the dogs now.

    I am worried that my stupid Pee-Wee brother thinks he is going to take over. He growled at me three times! I got scared.


  5. Love the tale of Tuffy Tails. I still miss our Hooey Hound, and Tuffy is built enough like him to warm my heart. Their personalities are similar in some respects too.

  6. What a great account of the life of Tuffy - loved it!!! And that last pic is priceless.

    Way to go, Tuffy.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  7. It is nice to hear the story of the top dog around there. :-)

    Holly & Zac...XX

  8. I love the picture of him sleeping with a treat right in front of his nose and especially the last photo. He's a character and I would love to hear him baying, but not all day and all night. Poor lovesick houndie.

  9. Hi Tuffy - I loved learning more about you!! And I just love that photo of you sleeping on the kitchen floor with your face & ears all flopping around human squealed when she saw it coz she has a real soft spot for wrinkles and jowly dogs! (as you can probably tell!)

    Honey the Great Dane

  10. What adorable doggies. I like to eat also.
    Sally Ann

  11. ha, great pics.....just love the pics esp the last one

    chikisses from your new friend

  12. We enjoyed learning more about Tuffy and seeing all the great pictures.

  13. OH love hearing Tuffy's stories and how they all fit in the pack. Love all the pics too!!!