Friday, September 11, 2009

And then came Po-pee ...

... which is actually Snoopy. She was nicknamed Poo-Pee Girl because her countless 'Poo-Pee-ing' accidents. It didn't help that she liked her food alot and was perpetually manipulating for more with her soulful basset looks and her special 'Please can I have some more' bark.

So as the laws of nature goes:- what goes in must come out ... and Snoopy had no qualms about 'going' any where, any time without giving much indication to her humans.

Snoopy, who also goes by 'Sch-noops' or 'Poops' has now grown into a prim and proper Basset Furgirl who's now wonderfully house trained. However, the nickname's stuck. It's now affectionately 'Poops-ies' and no longer the exclaimatory 'Poooop-Peeee!!'

Apart from her ' accidents' Snoopy's possibly one of the better behaved pups while growing up - not in a sense that she was devoid of mischief (that would be real odd of a puppy). Snoopy simply had impeccable timing ... her misdeeds - chewing corner of chairs, table, shoes, flip-flops etc. committed only behind our backs and the crime is not discovered until much later ... by then, it's all guess work i.e. 'Whhhoooo did this??!!! Poo-Pee?! Joe?! Tuffy??!' And Snoopy and her (fairly clueless) fall-dogs would look equally guilty, while the real culprit is up to more mischiefs.

Unlike energetic Joe who's always game for 'Fetch', Snoopy likes to be pampered and massaged - like a proper little princess. In her more enthusiastic moments, she'd actually 'indicate' to you (by swinging her head from side to side, pointing her snooters at her tail) that she wants a back scratched and rubbed! Showers however, is one of her least of her 'pampering' activities ... though she's always keen to be towel dried
She once had beautiful velvety ears however, due to her allergies and skin problems that demanded many a shots and pills, the poor girl is now bald bottom ears down. It's because of those traumatic poking and prodding reasons, Snoopy with hackles raised, hates the good doctor or anything related or smells remotely of the VET, vehicles included. Thankfully, she's no longer suffering from angry red itchy rashes. Somehow our hot and humid weather don't quite agree with many imported dog breeds - some, who are more susceptible end up with chronic skin ailments like the nieghbour's absolutely bald dog - which i swear was once a Rottweiller!

It's not surprise then, other than her angry protest at Vet and strangers, most of Snoopy's barking expressions have got to do with food and the timing of meal service. There'll be special barks to indicate that she's hungry, or to complain that service is slow, requesting a tasty treat and some more please! :)


  1. Snoopy sounds a lot like Martha! In terms of her food addiction and looking like she is starved. Also the ability to just go pee-poo anywhere!
    She is lots better these days to be fair.
    She also barks if her evening meal is not produced at 5pm - you would think she had a watch!

  2. What a beautiful basset girl! Those eyes work magic, don't they?

  3. Tank woo again fur more insight into The Residents of The Dog Woods!


  4. She sounds like quite a character. Funny, I call all my puppies 'Poopie'. It just seems to fit.

  5. Nice to meet and learn about Snoopy - we sort of like Poopsie for a name.

    Have a great weekend, the OP Pack

  6. Great to learn about Snoopy!
    You guys are a fun bunch.
    Your pal,

  7. Snoopy. We are pleased to meet you. We feel privileged to be your friends.

    Jake and Fergi xxoo

  8. Hi Snoopy! Glad you overcame your earlier troubles and went on to being a fine dog.


  9. oh I love this tale so much! My J also has rather a 'thing' for Bassets, being a fan of Martha and Bailey.

    Sorry I have been missin from commenting, just wanted to touch base with you, after your kind words on my blog.

    lotsaluv from sunny and warm Scotland,
    Marvin xxxxxxx

  10. Hmmm... committing the crime while no one is looking is a trait that Hershey has too.. but we always know it's her cos Huskee has outgrown all the puppy mischiefs like 9 years ago! LOL!!
    Ummm I hate to ask, but you think you can get a pic of your neighbour's dog so that we can all make our guesses if it's a rottie?

  11. Oh I love the "snoopy poopy" phrase! She's such a cutie!

  12. Snoopy you are so cute..
    So when was it you stopped poo-peeing on the floor? Callie girl is 17 months and she still pees on the floor although she is getting better.. Sure glad we have no carpet in the house...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  13. I don't think I've ever known 1 dog to have so many nicknames that had to do with 1 bodily function. hehe

  14. Snoopy, Poo-Pee Girl, Snoopy, Poo-Pee Girl... I like it!!!

    Saggy Gold Dancer

  15. We think all of you are fine pups.

  16. I've spent the last couple of days reading thru your blog and love all the stories and pics. I love how you have taken in all this babies and given them a great life. Im very partial to rotties, dobies and bassets so this has been so much fun to read. Hope to read many more adventures. :)