Monday, September 28, 2009

Trixie the Pixie

With now Joe, Snoopy and Tuffy - the pack felt a little incomplete. There was Snoopy and Tuffy who got on well and played at basset's pace and Joe who sometimes wanted to join in the fray didn't quite get on as well as we hoped ... the Bassets felt he was too rambuctious and would loudly protest - esp. Snoopy. Although low, she had the loudest protest when Joe did something she didn't agree (like mischeviously sitting on her) and surprisingly he'd back off. He would however pick on Tuffy - and Tuffy for a while was terrified of Joe - not daring to move a twitch when Joe was up and about.

So Joe needed a playmate - as robust and rambuctious as he ... and along came Trixie - who's first deed was to nip us all in the butt (Joe included) when she first arrive. She was a wee little thing then but oh so much spirit ... too much infact! Which explains why today most cuts, bruises and grazes are Trixie inflicted :p (Joe and Anna getting the brunt of it all).

She's the only dog at Dogwoods that came with formal papers. Registered as the masculine Rohan Jupiter ... from the Land Under the Winds (yes, there is such a state next to us), the breeders that her to us claimed she came from a lineage of champion Malinois. But since we're not into showdogs nor breeding, she's since been fixed (too bad) and spents hier time guarding Dog Woods and wrestling Joe out of his favourite toy.

"Tic-tic" or 'Tiiiiiiiiicccccc!!' - is what we call her at Dog Woods who thankfully have outgrown her nipping habits - at least when it comes to us humans. But when it comes to her canine buddies, in a frenzy of competitiveness, she sometimes forgets and nips to get ahead (which explains Joe and Anna's wounds). Trixie, as I've already mentioned has loads of spirit. She simply must win - at everything ... even at running. Must always outrun the pack! If they do one length, she'd do two!Pe rhaps it's part of her Sheepie lineage, her herding instincts, Trixie likes circling the Furkids or Joe and I while we're playing the game of 'fetch'.

There were also a few other of her bad habits which we're glad she's outgrown, one of which is her 'flying hug' which would never fail to knock the wind out of anyone (that's if we're prepared) ... on some occassions she'd come from behind and well, someone usually goes off balance :P

With the exception of Trixie, the Dog WOods Pack are home-schooled (at least in the obedience sector). Trixie on the other hand needed some extra firmer help ... So Saturday mornings, Trixie's 'teacher' would come to visit and teach Trixie and yours truly a thing or two about handling a wilful Malinois. Trixie seemed honestly awed by him and would do anything he'd tell her to while she'd pause whenever yours truly tried. Her teacher said something about my being too soft spoken need to sound meaner so the dog would understand this human mean business!

Out of all the dogs put together, Trixie is possibly the fastest, fearless and most determined. It's a good thing she keeps her chasing within the perimeter fences of Dog Woods. We've seen her chase an intruder right up to the top of his van once ... bet he since learn to leave Dog Woods out of break-in list! ;)

The only thing that Tic is afraid of are firecrackers. You'd see her scrambling for cover - even climbing the house grill just to get inside house to cower next to yours truly begging that I stop all that dreadful noise ... not that I can help it. It's part of the festive culture (which happens more than twice a hear) in our neck of the woods. I don't suppose ear plugs work on dogs ...


  1. Trixie, you're a beautiful, wild girl.

  2. Trixie, you and I need to get together and run like the wind. You sound like a girl just like me.

    Lots of treats,
    (Oscar and Tucker too)

  3. Oh lovely to here Trixi's story!! Sounds like she has tons of spirit!

  4. It sounds like Trixie would love our pack of wild runners. They sometimes forget and nip when they get excited, too.

  5. Tank woo fur sharing Trixie's storie with us!

    It means even more now that I've met my furst Malinois when I helped Mom with Dodi's transport!


  6. I'm afraid of fireworks too, Trixie. The bad part is that the people here set them off any time of the day on any given day so my hoomans never know when they can take me outside without fear of a big one going off. I wish there were dog ear plugs, but then we'd miss hearing some of the more beautiful things like the birds or our hoomans voices.

  7. Dog woods pack sounds fun and exciting..I'm so glad that tic tic has outgwown hew baddest habbitses. Thank you fow telling us hew stowy.
    I know all the doggies will wowk it out and find theiw pawfect playmates
    smoochie kisses

  8. What a beautiful girl! See, you can't go wrong with a dog named Trixie! ;-)

  9. Trixie is a very beautiful girl. Phantom isn't crazy about fireworks either, but he has gotten better over the years.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  10. You should all feel safe with Trixie around!! We had a good laugh about her chasing the intruder.. good job!

    Ohh when Hershey first came home, she had a fun time nipping at me and the heels of any human victim who walked too close to her mouth... part of her sheep herding instict, we were told.. only that we are NOT sheeps!!

  11. Momma always says that Belgians are a whole lotta dog in a compact package. I like to circle my pack and Princess Eva worries if one of the humans is missing.


  12. We have a Mal in our agility group, so we've witnessed first hand that enthusiasm and energy! Wow!

    wags from the whippets

  13. Trixie, you're gorgeous! My momster loves malinois and she lurves their independent spirit. :)

  14. What a great addition to your happy family.

  15. Trixie is a very beautiful girl! Thanks for sharing her story with us!


  16. How lovely to meet Trixie and hear her story - she is very beautiful and sounds full of character!
    Not sure we would have liked to have been nipped in the butt!!!
    Martha & Bailey xxx
    ps slowly but surely working their way through the blog roll........sorry we are late!

  17. Trixie sure is one pretty and interesting girl! I'm afraid of firecrackers too.

  18. We are late and so far behind, but we're here and working our way forward. Things sound really busy with your pack... we're happy to hear that Joe has a new playmate in Trixie. It sounds like she is finding her place (or establishing her place?) with you all. That's what families are all about.
    Jake and Fergs xxoo

  19. were a bits late visiting. been busy. fraid Im like Trixie and sometimes forgets myself and Ailsa gets nips, trixie sounds a lot of fun