Monday, August 17, 2009

On the mend ...and some green eyed observations!

Arroooo roooo there good furry and fur-less readers!

We're happy to report that Anna's wound is mending nicely. The Chief religiously cleans and applies antibiotic ointment daily. We know it's yucky but everytime the Chief feeds Anna her dose of antibiotics we can't help but mosey over curiously, hoping that we'd get the same sort of attention and fuss that Anna's getting and maybe some of those decidedly (since we're not allowed to have them) yummy pills Anna's been getting...

Can't help it. It's canine programming ... when things are in abundance (like bones, toys) nobody is quite so interested. But when there's only ONE ... everyone wants it! :p The Chief only wishes that we're this nose-ily interested when it comes our turn (dog forbid) to get a dose of them bitter pills, instead of running off helter-skelter.

Okay, so we admit, we're all a little jealous at the extra attention Anna's been getting. And Anna, knowing that we're all a little green eyed is enjoying being the centre of attention even more! If you were to watch her as she sits quietly while the Chief cleans , you'd think she actually enjoying it! *Harumph!*

Infact, judging from the little jig she does once the Chief's done, it's obvious she's relishing every minute of it .... now each Dog Woods Poochie are wishing we had boo-boos for the Chief to fuss over :P


  1. It's good to hear that the wounds are healing well. Mine all love lining up for their morning meds.

  2. Sometimes it is nice to be getting extra attention! We feel certain that none of you are neglected and we are really happy to know that Anna's wounds are healing up.
    The Chief must find it difficult sometimes to spread herself around all of you!!!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  3. Glad to see things are healing!

    We khanines are a silly bunch, eh?!?


  4. I'm glad Anna is feeling better!

    All you other pups.... I know the extra attention is tempting, but who the heck wants a owie?!

    xo martine

  5. Yeah, sometimes those doggie medicines are really yummers treats, huh? Just be patient.


  6. We had a similar problem with Tess & Lucy. When Tess first came to live here there was a big clash between the two. After a few weeks and numerous trips to the vet, things settled. Now they are in each other company all the time. They play hard, too hard for Willow & Noah but they do get along really well. I hope things work out and Anna's wounds heal.

    D x

  7. Happy anna is healing nicely - funny all the other want the attention too - Woodrow always being sick gets alot of attention - sweetie still runs the other way when i take out his cleaning stuff

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

  8. Does Anna need me to come over and give her booboo some sugars?

  9. Hope anna keeps mending nicely... maybe I need to get me some booboos so that I can get some extra attention!!!