Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The (silly) Woman who cried 'Wolf!'

Hello there good furry and fur-less readers,

We Dog Woods Pack are somewhat concerned. The Chief's been very occupied the last couple days .. the only time we get to see her is when she gives us our meals. I suppose a brief twice a day spot of affection is good enough for us canines but honestly, the more the better!

It all began with one of Dog Woods 'Help' who went a little 'cranky'. She began with telling tragic tales of her family - that they were burgled, her mummy hurt and her daughter killed. All Dog Woods human inhabitants believed her since she was terribly convincing with her display of grief and leaky fits.

That was a couple weeks ago. Then last weekend, she started to cough. She told the Chief that she's been coughing blood (apparently that's not a good sign for humans) . The Chief being very concerned told her to take a couple days off to rest. Then on Sunday evening when the Chief called up to ask how she was doing, she began leaking (yet again) and 'confessed' that she had gulped down a couple glasses of non-consumable disinfectant and wanted to end her life! (What a silly woman she is!)

The Chief immediately got her sent to the human V-E-T and because she i.e. woman-silly, was a foreigner on special immigration permit to stay in our neck of the woods, the Chief had to also inform her 'AGENT'. Not wanting to be ignorant and get caught in quagmire of possible legal and criminal (apparently the humans have made it a crime to want to end their own life!)complications, the Chief with a couple of other Dog Woods humans went to consult immigration and lawyers. Woman-silly was soon admitted and sold her SOB leaky story to the doctors who too believed her and insisted she be admitted for observation just incase she attempts yet another silly deed.

Everyone was sick with worry. The Chief decided that since she is unfit to work and obviously she has some mental issues to resolve, that it was best she returned back to her neck of the woods (apparently it's very far from here).

And when she was finally discharged after a couple nights stay at the human V-E-T centre, her AGENT found out when they contacted her family in her neck of the woods that her SOB tale is only a SOB fictitious tale! She had all of us fooled - even the psychiatrist! That made everyone including the Chief very angry. All the trouble, time and costs all over some silly tall tale!

The Chief came home fuming (wooo, we never seen the Boss so hoppin mad!) - and said that Woman Silly reminded her of the tale of 'The Boy who called Wolf' one too many times and was more than than relieved to see the last of her!

(Immigration took charge and had her ejected forthwith!)


  1. wow what a horrible situation- hopefully everything worked out for the best

    woodrow sweetie mj

  2. Holy Moly! What a story! Good thing that crazy bat is no longer around. Sounds like she really didn't have anyone fooled. She was crazy after all!

    Lots of treats,
    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  3. I agree with T, O, and T. She is crazy! Glad she is no longer in your neck of the woods and sorry she was keeping the Chief from you. You guys take good care of Chief, sounds like she might need some TLC after all that.
    Love and hugs,

  4. Oh my...We hope everything is OK now!
    Rufus and Indie

  5. Oops. Lies will eventually catch up with you. Too bad she was able to cause such a ruckus first. Problem is, now when someone has a real problem, your Chief is going to be skeptical.

  6. How upsetting for the Chief - you have our sympathies. If only humans were as straight forward as us canines!
    It is always hard to find out you have been lied too especially when you have been so concerned - tell the Chief it is only cos she is such a nice person that this happened.
    She mustn't let it put her off people!
    Our own mum often says she prefers dogs........
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  7. I don't know the lady in question but, she does seem to need some sort of help. I hope she gets it in her own country. I know people like her can cause a lot of trouble with their lies.

  8. Wow, who needs all that drama? Better to send her away and get somebody who adores doggies. We hope the chief has calmed down and is enjoying herself and all of you again.

  9. holy moly - sounds like the "help" is very similar to our X-daughter-in-law - perhaps we could get them together to share their "imagined miseries"

  10. Holy Smokes!! I am so happy to hear the Chief handled this so well, and good riddance, no one needs all that drama.

  11. Sad tale, but hopefully she will find the help she really needs.

  12. my goodness, we are shocked at this story. I hope things work out and she gets far away from you all!

    xo sugar & martine

  13. Hi, friends!
    That sounds awful! The Chief was so nice trying to help her! And then... puff!
    I hope that lady is far far away now!
    Kisses and hugs

  14. hello tee its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow those grate big brayns and so menny peepul just yooze them to mayk up lies shaymful i tel yoo!!! ok bye

  15. My oh My! What a terrible experience. I hope you guys get back to your normal life asap. Big hugs! Love, Dino

  16. Dear good readers,

    Thank you for your kind comments. My blood still simmers whenever I think of Woman-silly. But the adorable Dog Woods Pack do keep me grounded - what I'd do without my wonderful (mischevious) canine !


  17. A definite personality disorder. Probably some antisocial traits.

  18. That is really terrible! I can't believe such a thing can happen!!

  19. Wow...

    Some hoomans are just twisted too tightly!


  20. What a furry stressful time for your human. Hope she is feeling less stressed now!
    Scott xx

  21. That's shocking. What a dreadful thing to do, how upsetting. Your poor Chief. Give her special loving. And tell those naughty two not to try that dirty trick again!

    Wiry wags n kissies, Eric xxx