Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Return of the TOP DOG ...

Hello there gentle readers,
Tuffy, Lord and TOP DOG of Dog Woods is back on the blogs!

Admittedly, I am a recovering lover-holic. As you already know I’ve been rather preoccupied lately with a certain lady in season ... so much so I couldn’t do anything else but trail her about like a love sick puppy (believe you me I was definitely lurve sick) and woo-ing her with my sweet poetry and songs ....

But as all seasons come and go, my preoccupation has finally begin to wane ... Anna’s scent-ful allure is beginning to fade and well, she’s made it more than clear (ouch!) that she doesn’t want to have any more puppies ...nor does she want to even muzzle me with a 10 foot pole ... not if she can help it!!

That’s harsh but that's reality. I could be upset about it (believe you me, I was!) but life is short and, this TOP DOG has got to learn to accept the present status quo. Speaking of which, falling out of love is possibly ALOT harder than falling into love ! First, there was Denial and Isolation ...

'I feel sooooooo loneleeee....!!'

Next, Anger ...


Then the Bargaining stage where I’d pleaded, begged and conjoled Anna to reconsider ...

'Please my love ... pretty please with loads of yummy meat balls and chewy treats on top...???!'

When all that fell through, I fell into deep dark depths of Depression - good thing it only lasted only a moment or so but ohhhh, I suffered nevertheless ... I would recommend snoozing those dark moments of depression away ... works wonders!


Thank dog-ness, I’ve since learn to accept reality, all that thumping is really no good for one’s dog-esteem ... esp. When one has a TOP DOG reputation to consider ...

At peace, at last ...

I’ve since been sober for the last 6 hours and counting ... Snoopy (yes I know she’s been complaining about how I’ve been the sole source of Dog Wood’s noise pollution for the last few days ... ) and the other members of the Dog Woods pack are most relieved. Even fact they are paw-tying as I paw this blog ... celebrating the return of the TOP DOG's cool calm and collected self.
I no longer stalk Anna like an obsessed hound i.e. nose to the bum... instead I trail her at a respectful distance (for fear of having another mouthful of her sharp bite in my face) nor am I singing non-stop ... Anna’s made it clear more than once that she doesn’t appreciate my sonorous bark-songs. So, yes ... I’d like to keep it at that for a while ...

You know, Snoopy’s barking-ly right. I’m slowly coming back to my senses ... though there’s still lingering wafts of Anna’s aromatic fragrance, Anna in season is like having a spell cast on my TOP DOG self ... it was so preoccupying I couldn’t think of anything else but Anna and my determination to woo her ...

Now that the spell’s wearing off ....when was the last time I ate? I’m FAMISHED!


  1. I, too, find that a nice meditation can help when one is stressed out. You poor thing, so in love and scorned by the object of your desire. How sad.


  2. We felt so badly for you, Tuffy, in your tormented state. We are glad things are improving and hope that a good long nap will make things wonderful again.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  3. Hi Tuffy,

    Yeah, sleeping, napping, resting.... it all helps. Cheer up my pal, better days are coming.


  4. Oh Tuffy, I'm glad life is getting back to normal for you and the rest of the household.

  5. Women... they will be the death of us boys, er.. men.

    Oscar and Tucker
    (Tinkerbell too!)