Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cookie Retreat

Hello there furry and fur-less readers,

Thank you for your kind concerns - I am certainly back to my same regally ol' treat gravitating self. Infact, the Chief's been real generous lately ... she's been feeding this TOP DOG some specially made carob & butter cookies.

Carob and Butter Cookies !

Carobs are to canines as Chocolates are to humans. It certainly is an indulging distraction and I've watched (with much drooly envy even if Chocolates are toxic to dogs) how the Chief swallowed a bar of chocolate in one sitting! Something to do with a craving - so am made to understand. I suppose with me, its a craving too ... a substituted one of unrequited love. Boo hoo!

*Sniff* I'm alright, really. Just a moment of weakness and some lingering whiffs of Anna's bewitching fragrance.

I have to say, her scent instead is gradually replaced with some noxious smelling after-smell of antibiotics which the Chief's been feeding her religiously - not once a day but twice! Honestly, if you females in heat want to repel any interested males, get your hooman to feed you antibiotics (prescribed of course by the doctor) ... it works wonders!

*Atchoo!* Excuse me. That's the new effects of Anna's scent. Makes me sneeze, she does. Anna on the other hand is back to her perky, exuberant self. And yes, the Chief's been indulging her too with carob cookies.

Okay now ... time to scuttle down to bed ... the Chief says its wayyyyy past my bed time! This TOP DOG needs his beauty sleep to look bright and charming tomorrow. Bye!


  1. Check out them cookies! They look yummers!

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  2. Whoa, those treats look insanely delightful. Mmmmmmm......


  3. Sorry I can't even look at them, I have gained weight and I am on a strick diet. If you should be too, just join us at Raising Addie



  4. Oh how nice, we will need to try those xx

  5. Are those cookies?!
    omigosh, I don't think so... I think it's paradise!



  6. ummmm those look good - I wonder if I could eat those - would your mommy share the recipe?


  7. Them cookies look pawsome!!!

    I feel your pain with regards to Anna's season. My Hazel doggy is is the season, this not be good, I bees all confoosed, she smell good, but so does my Sophie Sis, but then Sophie Sis thinks Hazel smell good, oh no we alls be so confoosed. Does you has this problem too, being lots of you doggies arounds? Scotty Pointer xxx

  8. Those treats sound yummy!! sleep tight.

  9. Mmmm...those carob treats look delicous! I'll have to get my mom to make me some of those. :-)

    Sniffs and licks,


  10. Mom used to be khookies like that when she was young girl...many moons ago -only they were human chokholate

    I hope they've helped take your mind off the changing of the scents!


  11. Hey guys! I just found that you fellas area Malaysians! I thought you guys were overseas doing until I saw where you're from in DWB website. Koolness! Anyway, those cookies look sooo scrumptious. Yummers!

    Solid Gold Dancer

  12. OH THOSE TREATS!!! WOW butter and carob! what could be better than that????

  13. Those look yummy. I hope you can find some carob.

  14. The cookies certainly look really yummy!