Sunday, April 19, 2009

Snoopy's Report : A Puppy-razi Account

Hello there again gentle readers,

Tuffy our TOP DOG, is rather occupied as you all already know, and so yours truly, Snoopy the Smart Cookie is still at the helm of pawing this blog.
Anna our bewitching scent-ful belle of Dog Woods is recuperating well. She's still a little tired after surgery. But the Chief's finally let her take gentle walks around Dog Woods after keeping her 'den-ridden' for since her return. Nothing like a little activity to get those healing juices pumping! She's also on antibiotics for at least a week and hates her wound being cleaned and slathered with some noxious smelling cream ... even that has not stop our very determined pup-sick TOP DOG in giving Anna a more than cursory sniff upon her walks ...

1. Tuffy's more than affectionate home coming dog-greets

2. Anna returning dog greets - check out Tuffy's cocked back pendulous ears .... he's oh-so-thrilled!

3. The love sick TOP DOG and our Dog Woods belle, Anna

4. Lauching into sonorous soppy love songs - more like wailings to us ! That's me in the background trying to shield my poor ears ...

5. The TOP DOG roped in one of his Fur Kids as 'back-up' singer ... :P If i may add, they both have alot of work to do in terms of 'harmonizing ..'

6. Anna being 'serenaded' to since her return ... you can tell from her somewhat pained expression that her patience and appreciation for such intense attentions is wearing thin ...

7. Girl POWER! That be Anna giving our love sick TOP DOG she's had ENOUGH!

Hehehehe. Permit my gleeful giggles gentle readers, but at least ONE of us at Dog Woods is effective in getting the noise to stop. The Chief unfortunately have not been very helpful in calming the noisy situation at Dog Woods since Tuffy fell into puppy-love.

8. Peace at last! The love sick TOP DOG looking rather dejected in the background ... (Hehehehe)
Okay Gentle readers, I best sign off for now and enjoy the peaceful respite while it lasts. I daresay when Tuffy finds out I posted pictures of him being thumped by the belle of Dog Woods, he's not going to be too pleased...


  1. Ha! Ha! I love your updates, Snoopy! I think you should take it on as a full time job! Poor Tuffy sure does look love-sick...and Anna is looking really well!

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. Hi,

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I just love meeting new dogs. Can we be friends!! Dr Ruth (my vet) has basset hounds and sometimes I get to play with them. I love basset ears but then I have long ears too!!


  3. Ha!

    Well done with pawing this thorough report!


  4. Thanks for the updates - I like to be informed.


  5. I hope you will not be in trouble for posting those pictures!
    Happy sunday!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Heheh oh noes Tuffy you getted beaten by a girl! Well I thinks that jest proves you is in luv. (Anyways she looks bigger then you.)

    Yer pal Dozer

  7. hahhaa! great update! we are happy Anna is on the mend! Tuffy is nuts. Love Saige and Guinness

  8. Great reporting Snoopy!! Heehee.. don't tell Tuffy I said this, but he really does look and behave like a love-sick pup... awww....

  9. Thanks for the update! I love the singing shot. You look like a professional.


  10. Wow--things are very exciting at your house!