Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Schmoopee Whoopee!

Hello there good furry and furr-less readers,

It's me Snoopy taking the blog for today. Let me share with you my passion for 'Do-Ga!'.

As you probably don't know (since his TOP DOG-ness is constantly hogging the computer), I am a very keen 'Do-Ga' practitioner. Infact, part of my daily routine consists of 'Do-Ga' movements ... making me the most flexible of the four-legged inhabitants of Dog Woods. Which I daresay, Tuffy there would beg to differ since he being the TOP DOG simply has to TOP any of our claims.

Anywoos, these be a range of movements I've simply concocted myself. I call it the 'Schmoopee Whoopee!' (after myself, of course!) a special range of 'Do-Ga' movements that not only gives the body an overall work out but focuses particularly on those less than used muscles 'the derrier!'.

First, in a sitting position, take a deep breath. Inhaaalllleeeeee!!! Exxxxxxx-haaaalllleeee! Repeat three times then gradually left your left hind leg. Don't forget now to breatheeee...inhallleeee, exxx-haaallllee

Second, with left paw slightly lifted, lift now your right hind leg as your left hind leg is pointed heavenward. All your weight now should like on your right front paw. As you feel the stretch of your back and bum muscles don't forget to breathe! Inhaaalllleee, Exxxx-haaallllee .....!

Third and final step. With both front legs firmly placed on ground for support lift both back hindlegs and hold long enough to say 'Schmoopee Whoopee!! THREE times before relaxing the pose and returning back to sitting position.
Practice that daily and you'd have a butt as cute as mine. Okay now. Bye!
Snoopy signing Out!


  1. Oh that looks sooooo hard... I couldn't pawsibly hold that do-ga post for any amount of time. Very impressive Snoopy! I'll be back to check out some more poses!
    Hugs xo,

  2. Good job Snoopy! It looks like do-ga does a doggie body good. :-)

    Sniffs and licks,


  3. Snoopy! WOW! You could totally be in the doga times magazine. Maybe make some movies or something. I am trying that move right now.


  4. Ummn, you really didn't demonstrate that third step where you have both front paws on the ground and both back paws up in the air, yelling Whooopee Schmoopee. Could you get that on a photo so I could have a clearer look at it? Thanks,


  5. Hello Tuffy, thanks for coming by our blog!! Nice to meet you, Snoopy!! We're always interested in Do-Ga. Thank you for showing us the great demonstration. Show us more poses when you get a chance. :)

    Anna is so bootiful. Our mom's very first dog when she was a little girl was a bootiful Doberman like Anna. Anna reminds her of her favorite doggie. She has lots of good memories... :)

    We'll add your name to our friends' list. Hope it's ok with you guys!!

    Momo & Pinot

  6. Snoopy, Bailey and me are trying out all those moves right now - we dont want to overdo it though! A basset has to take it a stretch at a time as we are sure you will agree! Have a good day - we liked your all action shots today! xxx

  7. You have some really difficult poses down to a fine art.

    Simba and Jazzi xxx

  8. WOAH Thats a whole lotta Snoop :)
    Big licks to you

  9. WOW!!! thanks for the doga lessons! how very profound!

  10. What a great demonstration!! Not sure I could do it though!! It looks hard!! :) xxx

  11. BOL! Great exercise!
    By the way, mom wants me to tell you that she did draw a picture of a cute Basset a while back.. It was of my best friend Sandy:

  12. Oh, this is great! We like your moves!
    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  13. you are one flexible dog. you have some great moves. we could never do that.


  14. You are very flexible, I will have to work on it. =)

  15. Wow! Very cool! For my workouts, I just run and run...and run.

  16. Wow, that was a tough (tuff) workout.