Thursday, February 12, 2009

THE SNuffy-Rena!

I caught SNOOPY doing this peculiar little dance the other day. When I queried her about all that strange stomping and wriggling - she smugly told me that she was doing the 'MACA-RENA' - something she learnt while watching MTV. (Only Snoopy's allowed inside to watch telly with the BIG CHIEF. She's the CHIEF's favourite - Bah, Hum-Bone!)

Determined to be THE MOST HAPPENING DOG of DOG WOODS (I am after all TOP DOG!) if not just-as-HAPPENING-as-SNOOPY, I've instructed her to teach me the steps to the MACARENA - which is now known as 'SNUFFY-RENA'!! I am after all Lord of the Realm! And all dances have to be named by ME!

Teaching his 'DOGship' the steps to SNUFFY-RENA
Also discovered that the SNUFFY-RENA' apparently makes an effective SUN-DANCE - when danced by CANINEs. The sun's finally out after weeks and weeks of miserably wet weather - thanks to all that STOMPING ABOUT - although the BIG CHIEF had her reservations about our sudden excited stomping and hopping about !!

The BIG CHIEF's sure is pleased that the laundry gets to dry out under the sun for a change. Us doggies at DOG WOODs are also thrilled that we can now sunbathe our puppy heart's content instead of being curled up some damp chilly spot trying to keep warm.

Must make mental note to get the SNUFFY-RENA @ SUN-DANCE patented...(must ask the BIG CHIEF to recommend her clever lawyer friends!). This could be a lucrative 'CASH DOG' enterprise.

So readers of Europe(understand you have very bad cold wet spells) if you're reading this, the 'SNUFFY-RENA' (i.e. coined by Snoopy and the TOP DOG of DOG WOODS) are up for HIRE - for a reasonable price of 1 GAD-ZILLION BONES! Buena!!

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