Monday, February 23, 2009

Canine touch

Thank you kind Fur Friends for your support - in encouragement and also offering to post some treats to help with the Die-T. The Canines of Dog Woods and I are most touched. Much licks and Wags!

Yesterday was tough. Usually weekends at Dog Woods are indulgent ocassions to Party and Chow Down! But yesterday was different. It was doggedly QUIET ... only the growls of Treat-less stomachs peppered the somber pouting atmosphere. We Canines of Dog Woods made a Big Show (to the BIG CHIEF) of it by being dogged-ly sluggish.

'Twas a pity, the 'Tired Poor Dog Routine' didn't win us emphathetic treats with the Chief (this time!). Unperturbed, the Chief went on with the usual routine to going for walks about Dog Woods and - us as always, the Dog Woods pack found our dog-selves happily trotting along ...!!

Fortunately, the gracious Canine temperment almost always work to our advantage. We simply forgive and forget our Humans' offences quickly and easily!


  1. Ooohhhh the agony of no treats! We are so glad we are not in your paws (although we've heard grumblings from our mom that Oscar is getting too fat and needs to be monitored with his food intake). Hang in there!

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  2. We tried without success to comment on this post before. We felt you were being too forgiving and you should try and manipulate your humans. Have yout tried the flat basset where you lie flat and doggedly refuse to budge. Your owners will be worried you are weak with hunger and will scurry off to find the treats.
    This laid back temperament has been the downfall of many a basset!
    Bassets rule
    Martha & Bailey xx