Monday, February 9, 2009

Doggy Dance

First Movement : Run along side partner - paw and nudge, paw and nudge.
Second Movement : Paw and Hop (i.e. Stand on Hindlegs)
Movement Three : Paw and Twirl.

Don't get the wrong idea, Snoopy and I are NOT fighting. We're actually 'Dancing'!

Its called the 'Paw-Fur-Fang' - which to the Human eye would remind one of the Chinese Lion Dance that seems to be the favourite with Humans over the CHINESE NEW YEAR. As oppose to the perception that Basset Hounds are slow and clumsy , we're actually quite nimble on our paws. The dance actually requires a fair bit of elaborate agility and panache which only the most talented of dogs in DOG WOODS (like myself) can master.

Like clockwork (we DOGS are a stickler to ROUTINES) the 'Paw-Fur-Fang' is usually danced after a hefty meal. A great form of entertainment - BIG CHIEF seems to enjoy watching us 'Dance'. And also a FUN way to work up a 'sweat' - though we canines don't exactly 'sweat' the same way as humans do. Heat leaves our bodies through our lolling tongues.

Cooling down after a good work out!

When there are no strangers or garbage trucks to chase, the 'Paw-Fur-Fang' is a great way to keep this TOP DOG fit and endear ourselves to our human audience. ;)

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