Saturday, February 28, 2009

Snoopy's Bow-wows


Me be Snoopy - the Smart Cookie. I've given Tuffy notice that from now onwards, I would paw my nibble worth of bow-wows - at least a couple times a week.

Tuffy may be TOP DOG of Dog Woods but, I - Snoopy Smart Cookie am the reigning DOG WOODS PREFECT! I keep everyone in check from the TOP DOG, the Ferocious Prized Rottweiller(Joe), Intimidating Demon Dog (Anna) and Tenacious Malinois (Trixie) ...

That's what the BIG CHIEF have assigned me to do ... and I shall adoringly OBEY! *lick*lick*lick*

I may be the Shortest and Stumpiest out of the Dog Woods Pack with Fur Kids quickly outgrowing me and annoyingly bad skin, but that hasn't stop me from Prefecting my job. Size, grim looks, gender or how fast a pooch can run does not intimidate me the least bit! My deliberate, plodding presence never fails to AWE - even the TOP DOG of Dog Woods.

Furthermore, being a Basset of a few barks (compared to the very bow-wow-ful Tuffy), my Loud WOAH! Barks would stop any wayward Pack, mischevious Fur Kid or encroaching HUMAN in tracks ...

Judging from how quickly they (The Pack and Fur Kids) scuttle into deference, I daresay I am the only Canine in Dog Woods that has the unique ability to ROAR!!! Which explains why am PERFECTly effective for the Prefect ROLE.

I am however, not always this prefectly formidable. I have to admit I have a soft furry spot for my nieces and nephews - Tuffy's Fur Kids. They keep me occupied most afternoons with teaching them tricks that I've concocted and mastered .. they don't call me smart cookie for nothing!

(Pic 2.) Snoopy: 'Now Kids, if you stare at the Giant Ball hard enough the ball WILL roll..!'

(Pic.3) Snoopy instructing Fur Kids on the art of mowing : ''Legs in the Air, Back on the Ground ...think ROLLING PINS!''

(Pic.4) Sharing a cool drink after


  1. BOL It's furry nice to meet you Snoopy :)
    Big licks to you

  2. Hi Snoopy
    It is lovely to meet you. You sound like a wise cookie and you look adorable!!!
    Have a great weekend!
    love and kisses
    Martha xx (Bailey away for the weekend!)

  3. You are quite the distinguished hound. Dog Woods is a much safer place with you as Prefect. Must be waggy having all of those other pups around to teach.

  4. hello there, thanks for stopping by. Looks like you are a great teacher. And you have dobi-hounds? quite different. =)

  5. Thanks for stopping by my bloggy! We love basset hounds here at the Mango estate. We used to have a sort of basset who was a therapy doggie. Can I add you guys to my list of pals?


  6. I'm afraid my last post got eaten. I was saying how exciting it was to see all those short legs and long ears!

    wally t.

    ps. I am a CORGADOR! Corgi + lab. Maybe?

  7. Hi Snoopy and friend, thank you for stopping by the blog grounds! Very nice to meet you. You look like you have a very active life at DOG WOODS, and looks like lots of grass to roll in and places to play. YOu are all mighty cute

  8. I'm sure things are never dull in your khanine world!


  9. Snoopy! You are so adorable! Mu humans says she thinks she's in love with you, so... I'm a bit jealous! :) Woof! I loved your blog and I'll be coming back all the time to check out on your adventures!

    You are just lovelY!

    Loved all your pictures!

    Love from Portugal,


  10. Hi Snoopy, Its very nice to meet you. My Dad used to have a dog called Snoopy!! He was a Cocker Spaniel though and a bit loopy!

    Tell Tuffy I said thanks for stopping by my place.

    I look forward to catching up with you all again soon,

    Ben xxx

  11. Thanks for stopping by our blog! You guys are very handsome!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  12. Hi Gweat to meet all of you at Doggie suwe awe a gweat looking's awfully nice of you , Snoopy to instwuct the young ones, and I thank Tuffy fow stopping by my bloggie and saying Hi..I hope we can be fwiends
    smoochie kisses

  13. Hi Snoopy - woo are furry cute. Nice job with the little ones. Nice of woo to teach them so well. We would love to hear woo roar - any chance at a video?

    Woos, the OP Pack

  14. Hi Tuffy! Of course we can be friends! Nice to meet are one handsome fella. I can never resist treats either :)