Thursday, February 26, 2009


Apart from our Landscaping Talents, this be one nifty trick that EVERY Canine ought to adopt when you're upset with your Humans. It's even more effective when you're as Hunky and Tubular as I am. ;)

First you give the 'Human at fault' the Doggy POUT. :P

And IF your Human still insists on HUMAN methods or resolution, not even giving two treats worth of any BRILLIANT Canine ideas you may possess, simply apply the 'Woof-Timber!-Wooooo' to effectively shift the Bargaining Balance to the Canine's favour.

Woof No. 1 : Hunkering down on Haunches - the ready-ing stance of 'Woof-Timber!-Wooooo'

Woof No 2. : Don't be mistaken, this be No 'Sitting Pretty' Pose. It's the second stance of 'Woof-Timber!-Woooooo' - the CRUCIAL step to the ...

Woof. 3 : TIMBER-Wooooo!!!!

I assure you, that's bound to get your Human's attention ... ESPECIALLY when its done in the middle of the DOORWAY, DRIVEWAY, WALKWAY or in better still, in MIDDLE OF the ROAD! The trick is to not BUDGE (even if your human turns blue in the face calling for you to move!) unless and until your Human magically produces TREATs!
*Arf*Arf*Arf* ;)


  1. Furry cool move. I will have to try that one out!
    Big licks to you

  2. Well done - we like your cool moves!! Keep it up!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xx

  3. Hi Guys!! Thanks so much for stopping by our blog! We are always so happy to meet new fur-iends! We lives in the north west of the engerland! Where do you guys live? You has a very big family, how many dogs are in dog wood? We be very sorry to hear about your die-t, but all that garden work you guys do must help cos that be hard exercise. I knows that myself cos I helps my Sophie Sis to dig to Australia in our garden, I thinks we nearly be there now!
    Love n Lickies, Scotty xxx

  4. Hi Tuffy!

    That's a great move. Probably even more effective when you weigh more than 22 lbs. like me. When I was a puppy, I mastered that move when out on walks on hot summer days. I still like to use it when I've just left the dog run, the old "I'm too exhausted to go a step further, you inhumane human!"

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Today's my 6th birthday! Hooray!

    Your pal,


  5. Great moves! I better not let any of my foster doggies see this though as their on a diet at the moment! They've tried a few different tricks to get food out of me, but none as brilliant as yours! So shhhh.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. When i was a puppy I could make my human CARRY me wherever I wanted to go! Now the Chief says, I'd break her back for sure if she ever tried lifting me without the help of a FORK-LIFT! :p

    My Die-T is still on - without say ... :P

  7. Hey Tuffy! Could've sworn we were following each other..? Oh well, following now! We love your Woof-Timber!-Wooo move, we must try that :o)
    Slobbers xx

  8. Great move... dually noted. Can't wait to try it out. Thanks!

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  9. Hi, thanks for your visit to my blog and your nice comment. You asked what camera I use, it's the simplest (cheapest I could find) Samsung Digimax I5. I'm saving up for a better one now I'm blogging ;-)

    Your blog is very nice. Chuckled all the way through. Great looking dogs. Definitely will visit you more often.


  10. that's some good moves. we have to study that very carefully. we need to learn from a trained professional, which obviously, you are.


  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Tuffy - nice to meet you!

    Your friend, Lenny

  12. BOL - woo are so creative and funny!!!

    Tail wags, the OP Pack