Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oh My Darling(s) ...!

It's the Valentine's Day - a day humans celebrate LOVE and affection - so the BIG CHIEF has informed me. That explains why too many humans are selling flowers and soft toys (good enough to tear apart) by the roadsides!

Call the BIG CHieF a cynic, she's actually given us at DOG WOODS the 'green light' to chase off those flower vendoring peddlars if they ever get to close to the territory . She went on to rant about their sale is merely a guise for 'Daylight Robbery!' (Honestly, the Chief can be such STORM on anyone's parade!)
Admittedly, being of French origins with love and romance running through my veins, your dog-ship didn't initially share the BIG CHIEF's cynical sentiments ... until she so clearly illustrated that one measly (wilting) flower sold is the equivalent to the paid price of TWO packets of DOG TREATS!! That's enough to keep the ENTIRE lot of us at DOG WOODS leaping through hoops of fire just to win ourselves A treat for a couple days at least!!

Don't get your Dog-ship wrong. Canines aren't adverse to celebrating LOVE and affection. Infact, we - Basset Hounds (since l'amour runs in our blood), would jump at any opportunity to celebrate the season of LOVE!

Infact, canines at large have our own version of 'Valentine's Day' but unlike the Human's Valentine's Day which falls on the 14th of every second month of the year, the canines' valentine celebration lasts for a season of two weeks at least. What's most unique about this celebrated event is that neither of us (your DOG-ship included) can tell you exactly WHEN it is celebrated!

It all depends on a particular hormonal cycle of 'The Lady(ies) In Season'.

Since it is 'Her' prerorgative, our Valentine's Season is better known as the 'Darling(s) in Season ...'

Unlike the human material display of love and affection, we dogs aren't exactly big on gift giving nor are we good at sharing ... (don't expect a Dog to share his BONE without expecting dire civil strife!) So, naturally, our season of love does NOT include Wine-ing or any form of Dining. (Besides, who needs food when one's in deep Puppy Love?)

The Canine's Season of Love is really about loud proclaimation of undying LOVE and promises of ROMANCE that can go on for weeks and the prancing about in chase of the 'Darling in Season'. Translate that into human terms, is equivalent to marathon sessions of 'William Hung' (from the American Idol Audition) rendition of 'SHE BANGS etc.!' with similar awkward movements.

When faced to competing (chasing) suitors for the Darlings' affections, the 'Musical Festival' will then incorporate 'Wrestling Matches' (think along the lines of TNT: World Wrestling!) - sometimes leading to bouts of violence. All that, to determine who will win His Darling's affections. (Canines are really quite ORGANIZED when it comes to celebrating our Season of LOVE!)

So, Happy Valentine's Day, gentle readers. May your day be just as Happy as mine ... The BIG CHIEF gave us all two packets of dog treats -EACH! Woo Hoo!
Cynical or not, the BIG CHIEF LOVES us after all!

Stuffed after TWO packets of Dog Treats - EACH!

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