Sunday, January 24, 2010

The new year and bangs in the nights ...

Hello!  Happy New Year!

Time sure flies.  First the flurry of Christmas festivities ... then it slips into the new year.  And now in a matter of a week it'll be February!

February will not be a good time for the dogs - possibly the worst.  Chinese New Year (CNY) - make the Dog Woods Pack shiver with fear.


Them blasted fire-crackers that most celebrating household play with relish.  It doesn't help either that firecracker supplies can be found in abundance - most would enthusiastically set one or two strips off now in January! (can you believe the 'enforcement' - or lack of BANNED items!)

Which explains why Trixie's already complaining now (she's whining to me a lot more these days) and you can see her trying to get into the same room as I am whenever she 'feels' one is about to be set off!  The poor girl is going to be down right miserable come the CNY!

Now what's this about firecrackers and the chinese new year?  It's got to do with scaring away evil spirits (you'd scare me and the Dog Woods Pack away too even if the dogs and I are half Chinese! ;)  !) and to usher in the new year.

It's the 'playing' or firecrackers that is deemed fun which explains the enthusiastic sporadic bursts of loud bangs over the evenings leading up to the chinese new year which Trixie particularly is unhappy about and which I've put up with living here.

Anna (the other perky ear-ed member) seems unperturbed - mainly because she's kept in her crate in the evenings after those few violent confrontations she's had with Trixie.  There's something quite comforting about lying low in the cosy confines of one's crate when there are loud scary noise to deal with (am quite glad Anna is not scared of storms nor the rest of the Dog Woods Pack).  Trixie on the other hand seems to be working up some kind of whiny anxiety every time it pours the older she gets (for some unfanthomable reason).  Thankfully, not as bad as what I've seen with Donny (the rehomed German Shepherd) who'd get restless and refuse to eat.  

While the rest would barkingly howl or protest after each loud bangs.  The puppies who are not quite puppies anymore, seem to have develop some cautious reservations about those loud bangs in the nights. Hopefully  none of their reactions would be as anxious as Trixie's - that  Belgian Malinois is known to climb fences to get into where you are when firecrackers are let off!  I suppose their floppy basset hound-y ears help in a way by shield their highly sensitive ears from all manners of loud pops.

CNY eve is one very loud and long bursts of firecrackers (some sounding more like dynamite blasts) all set off in unison just before the stroke of midnight.   Imagine the extent of most (with the exception of this household) households thorough out the city setting off firecrackers!  It's not only deafeningly loud, it's smoky, smelling of burnt gun powder and whatever that's in those crackers and fireworks that's permeates the air till dawn!  Not at all environmentally friendly exercise I'd say and the dogs would be positively cowering!  :P

So wish us all luck with coping with all those loud bangs in the nights.
  Interestingly enough, the first day of the CNY celebration falls on Valentine's day!  Talk about double whammy for them doggies.  Good thing, they don't know what Valentine's day is all about ... else they'd have even more to be complaining about!


  1. Nice to see woo again!

    I'm sorry 'bout what is ahead fur woo and your ears -

    I'm sure your pakhk leader will do her best fur woo!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  2. Hi, friends!
    Sounds like you are going to have "interesting" times soon!
    I bark at firecrackers!
    I hope you all are going to be ok!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  3. I am very scared of fire crackers and loud bangs. We probably won't have any until the fourth of July, but I hate thunder and lightning too. That can come anytime. My Mom is gonna buy me a thunder jacket this spring, though, but you have a lot to buy for!

    Good luck in getting through the CNY days!


  4. We don't like fireworks, either, and cringe every time someone sets one off. It really makes you wonder where all those police are.. fireworks are illegal, dangerous, and a nuisance!

  5. We all hate fireworks here too. We have Bonfire night on the 5th November so the fireworks start well before and carry on until New Year. I was not as bad this year, John says I must be getting deaf in my old age.

  6. How lovely to see you all - you have been missed!
    We are sorry to hear about the firecrackers at the chinese new year.
    In Scotland we call them fireworks and we have no end of them at our new year.
    We try closing the curtains and turning up the TV - even playing music.
    We also have some rescue remedy but we dont like it - Martha will not even go out to the garden for a wee!
    Not a good time for dogs!
    lots of love
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  7. I hate fireworks loud bangs that's all they are to me. We have a family near us that seem to let them off just because its the weekend.

  8. We don't like fireworks either. Morgan is very afraid and she gets on Mom's lap, but the rest of us just run around and bark a lot.

  9. Sorry you'll have to put up with all the bangs. I doesn't mind them, but Auntie Penny becomes a quivering wreck!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  10. Fireworks and dogs don't mix, that's for sure. Nice to see you back again!

  11. Phantom isn't happy about firecrackers either. TD doesn't seem to mind. Hope all the pups do OK with Chinese New Year.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  12. Love all the cute photos, and I know you'll do all you can to keep your pack safe and calm. However, the image of my sister's labrador, huddled on an end table, next to a Tiffany lamp on 4th of July comes to mind... Both dog and lamp survived. ;)

  13. I'm lucky that fire crackers dont bother Mesa and Baily but I will have to see about Big Carl

  14. Hi There!
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    You guys sure do have a big family. That must be so much fun.
    My Mom is very glad that I'm not bothered about fireworks.

    Licks and slobbers,

  15. So many of us can relate. I wish there were a solution!