Thursday, July 8, 2010

This be ...

My first attempt to grow my own herb garden ...

... the green fence to keep the dogs out ...

...what Tuffy thought of my ambitious gardening project (considering am not known to have green fingers...)


... Snoopy trying to be helpful ...

... the volunteering natural pest control canines
chasing down a scent 

... the guilty pups that got under the fence that dug it all up
'Uh-oh ...'

... the pup banished to their 'naughty corner' (like that helped ..)

...the pup looking most contrite!
'I'm so sow-weeee....'


  1. Giggle... but those eyes!! I've never had any luck with herbs other than mint, which all but grows wild around here.

  2. Nooooooooo! Jan has a black thumb so she is horrified that you have grown something and it has been ruthlessly mowed down by a canine garden fence desecrater. Will there be a funeral? For the garden, not the dog.

  3. Our pooches thought our chives were long pieces of grass which they love to chew on. So the chives were iffy, but the dogs didn't touch any of the other herbs. Good luck with your garden!

  4. I wanted to grow Dill, but I couldn't find the seeds, nor even a plant in the garden centre, so well done you!

    Nothing much survives in our garden, this is why I have an allotment, totally separate from our garden ;0D

    Lovely pics of the dogs!

    Jeannie and Marvin xx

  5. My dogs like to roll in any herbs I try to grow. The dogs smell nice afterwards, but I still don't have any herbs. He sure looks sorry!

  6. Good luck with the gardening. I think the pups are being very helpful LOL!

  7. What great gardening assistants!

    We've got chives and basil - that's it fur here!


  8. yeah there was a 'funeral' for my herb patch after the dogs messed it all up - labels and all.
    Salvaged what I could bu had to do a lot of guessing (when herbs began to sprout) what is what! i.e. 'Hmmmm...Basil? Chives?Rosemary? Dill?? Noooo?!?'

  9. we put our garden where the pups couldn't reach :)

  10. Well done on growing it! Poor Dill. I hope the pups are really sorry. hehe

  11. Oh-oh!
    Well... at least they look sorry!
    Happy Saturday!
    Kisses and hugs