Monday, October 26, 2009

Bout of Tick Fever

Brandi, Tubby and Dexter especially have been looking quite pale and lethargic lately.  From hyper pups they're looking like they've ran out of steam ... Tubby usually bounding ahead is for once trailing tiredly behind.  Which is unsual.  Dexter on the other hand looks like he's about to keel over if he were to take another step!  Brandi has been sleeping more than usual. 

Judging from their warmer than warm bodies, pale tongues and gums, I figured they must have the fever.  I suspect they got it from the ticks they picked up after one mad dash outside a couple weeks ago.  I thought I got rid off all of them but I guess the damage has already been done.  They've been bitten.   

Anyway, the good news is the Furkids are on the mend.  The Vet came and gave the three of them a shot of antibiotics.  Another to be repeated in three days time.  Additionally, they're also on a course of antibiotics ... Though am not certain if it's a good thing in the long run to douse them with so much antibiotics but since the doctor have started them on it, the only thing to do is to get them to finish them. 

Their appetite has gradually returning.  Dexter is actually eating something after refusing food for a couple of days.    Out of the three sick pups Dexter's got it the worst. He was actually drooling when the Vet came to give him his shots.   With him not eating , I had him swollowing liquid vitamins instead - to boost up his immune system.  Needless to say, Dexter is looking a little skinnier and longer than usual. 

As for Brandi and Tubby,  I suspect may have gotten off mildly mainly because they've been exposed to what bad things ticks bring being out and about more.  It so happen that on that evening a couple weeks back, Dexter decided to follow suit (usually he's quite happy yapping from the inside of Dog Woods alerting us that his delinquent siblings are out where they are not supposed to). 

Thankfully, Wally's spared from the fever.  He's the only pup out of the four that stays within the boundary fences - with his mom.  So we're keeping them - the sick and health separated for a while.  Have taken tick prevention measures - bathe the entire nine canines (it's a good thing they're rather fond of showers) and fumigated the lot!  

Hopefully with them being on the mend, Brandi, Dexter and Tubby will learn (like their brother Wally) that it pays to stay inside the spaciousness of Dog Woods and not try to make a mad dash outside.  They've actually been fairly good after that long outing a couple weeks ago.  With hindsight, maybe they were already not really feeling so well after their 'adventures'.  Tubby - the usual ring leader who leads the mad dash out has been as good as gold since.    I hope he's finally learnt some self control!  I've observed, being pack animals, once there's no a ring leader with a bent on going outside, the rest are quite contented to do their own thing and stay within the grounds of Dog Woods.


  1. Sorry to hear that some of your pack is down with the fever but very glad they are on the mend. Hopefully there will no more of that naughty escaping!

  2. Aw, hope they feel better soon! Stoopid ticks!

  3. Glad they're on the road to recovery. Rotten ticks!

  4. OH so sorry to hear the kids got sick. Hope they feel a lot better soon!

  5. Glad to hear they're feeling better. Tsar got sick from those nasty ticks a few years ago. I hope the ringleader has decided that there's no place like home and stays put.

    You mention the pack of nine and we haven't heard about Donny lately. Did you find him a new home? I remember there were some issues between him and the others.

  6. Hope the whole pack is doing better soon. Ticks can be nasty critters. We were wondering about Donny too.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  7. Paws khrossed fur the healing to khontinue!

    There is no place like home!
    There is no place like home!!
    There is no place like home!!!


  8. AHHH.. sorry to hear that! Good news that they are now on the mend... We HATE TICKS too... nasty things they are!

  9. Ohhhh, poor guys. Hope the meds kick in and you get back to your rambunctious selves.
    Your pal,

  10. Oh dear...What a tricky situation. Glad to hear that they're on the mend. Will they have learnt their lesson? Time will tell :-)

  11. We are wishing for a speedy recovery of all.

  12. We were checking in as we hadn't heard from you for a while. We are sorry to hear the pups have had the fever. Glad to hear they are on the mend. These ticks are such a nuisance.
    Take care
    Martha & bailey xxx

  13. Sorry to hear that. Glad they're on the mend now.