Monday, October 19, 2009

Furkids Nine

Proud daddy and some of his pups

Baby Dexter and Brandi in the background

Once not a long time ago, there were nine cutest little furkids whom Anna and the rest of us at Dog Woods both four and legged doted on them. Because they were born with Anna's Doberman black and brown Doberman markings nobody quite believed me when I said Tuffy was the father!

Yes, Anna and Tuffy were an odd couple. And yes they did produce some pretty cute puppies - 3 females and 6 males. Most who first saw the pups said it was Joe that did the job - since he too was black and brown ... but Joe was 'fixed' and there were no other whole male in the vicinity except for Tuffy...

Before the pups were born, I couldn't help but curiously speculate how they would turn out. A larger more solid version of a sausage dog? A miniature hound? - i.e. Tuffy look alikes with Anna's long legs? Or a dog in between - something like a beagle - hound looking, not quite as tall as a Doberman nor as short as a Basset. I wasn't really far off from my guesses - since they all turned out somewhere within those three guesses.

The nine pups - three had more of the basset looks - broad, short and long whom we named Tubby (being truly chip off the ol' block), Buddy and Pinto. The next three that had most of Anna's markings but were built like their father (the sausages) which we named Dexter, Baxter and Eva. The next batch had their father's markings but were slimmer and taller (though not quite as tall like their mom) whom we christened Zsa-Zsa, Wally and Brandi. Interestingly, the older they grew the lighter they became. Today, they are not quite as black furred as they were when they were wee puppies.

The Furkids that remained with us at Dog Woods are Tubby (chip of the ol' block - escape artist extraordinaire and leader of puppy mischief, Dexter - who looks most like Anna but behaves like Tuffy, Wally who's colouring is like Tuffy but behaves like Anna and Brandi - the only girl who looks like a miniature hound.

From left to right: Tubby, Wally, Dexter and Brandi


  1. They are so adorable - we bet you wish you could have kept all nine!!

  2. When I first saw the pups I was trying to figure out what combination they were. They're all so adorable. I do have a soft spot for Dexter.

  3. They look a lot like dad, so cute.

  4. You have done it again. I am utterly and completely in love with the story of this odd couple and the puppies they produced. I could look at these pictures all day long.

  5. Dobi-basset puppies, just too cute!! Good of you too take care of them and find good homes for 5 of them and keep the other 4. Now that is a big pack!

  6. Awww what cute puppers Tuffy! You little rogue!

    Wiry wags n kisses Eric xxx

  7. Anna and Tuffy have such gorgeous puppies. It's interested to read and see what traits they took from their parents.

  8. Those furkids are one of a kind, for sure and so darn adorable. =)

  9. Sure it is an interesting combination and they are adorable!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. It is still khwite the image of how Tuffy did it!

    They really are khwite the khute khanines!


  11. My mom is such a sucker for hounds! She was all "ohh, awww, sweeeet" while reading/viewing this post. Now I'm worried she wants to get another dog! Ok, I admit they are cute....

  12. They are all such handsome dogs - variety is what makes life interesting. Tuffy and Anna did a good job.

    Woos, the OP Pack