Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Anna Up, Snoopy Down ...


My bad. I've been away... only to return with alot more to do and organize!  Putting that aside, am happy to report that Anna's out of her 'cone of shame', her stitches removed and she's looking like her old self.  Am really amazed how fast her wound has healed.  Dogs truly have tremedous healing prowess! 

Anna - back to sniffing business

However on the downside, I noted upon my return that Snoopy was looking a little sluggish.  She wasn't eating.  Not like her to refuse a treat even! Usually she'd be the first to wolf it down her share of treats before the others and give you an expectant look for more! 

Had the good doctor come by yesterday - when he couldn't find anything physicaly wrong with her - apart from the bad plague buildling up on her toothies, he had some blood drawn to be tested.  Snoopy apparently has some liver infection - external boo-boos I can deal with, but internal ailments worries me. 

Snoopy looked a little perkier after the doctor gave her a couple of shots - although I daresay, she wasn't the least pleased at being poked and prodded.  I was hoping her appetite would return but she still refused her dinner (maybe she's just tired of the same ol' stuff).  She had a little bread after, but that was it ...

The doctor recommended a couple days stay at the Vet's - deciding to put her on a drip so her liver can clear out whatever toxins that's affecting her.  She wasn't at all pleased that I had sent her in.  Out of the entire Dog Woods Pack, Snoopy hates the doctor most.  Even the sound of his car sets her off barking!  I don't think she's ever forgiven him for poking and prodding her when she was a wee pup - she had such sensitive skin then.  It's still sensitive (and the humid weather doesn't help much) but at least she's no longer suffers from red angry bloody itchy welts. 

I do hope she recovers soon - admittedly I've got a soft spot for Poopy Girl (Snoopy) - she's the only pup in the pack that knows how to say 'Please can I have some more?' in dog language that is.  Can't wait till I can bring her back home ...


  1. Anna is looking T-riffic (as usual!)
    We are hoping and praying that Miss Snoopy gets all those bad toxins out of her system and is back to her old self again real soon!

  2. Oh, poor Snoopy! I hope she's back home with you very soon. It is good to see Anna coneless though!

  3. Poor Snoopy Girl. When Morgan had a liver problem she stayed at the hospital for a week with IV drips. That was six years ago and she's doing great now. For the past year I've been giving her one Milk Thistle capsule a day and her liver enzymes have improved a lot. You might ask your vet about trying it once she's feeling better.

  4. I do hope Snoopy is feeling better,and able to eat all her Christmas Treats. We get in trouble for being greedy, then we get them pushed in our faces when we don't want treats.

  5. Glad to know Anna is doing well!
    Paws crossed for Snoopy! I hope she gets better soon!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Wow you have been having a run of it lately! We are so glad Anna is better and hope that Snoopy will be soon too! Honey Dew and Sampson can't believe she is refusing treats! Unheard of in Bassetdom!

  7. I hope little Snoopy is better soon. Staying overnight at the V-E-T can be scary, but sometimes it is required to get better.


  8. Good to hear that Anna has healed well. But poor Snoopy - we will keep our paws crossed and send lots of good sibe vibes and prayers and good thoughts that she will be fine.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder