Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy December!


Happy December!  It's amazing as well as somewhat disconcerting how fast time goes by.  Soon it'll be Christmas and then another new year - 2010 - wow's been a decade since we celebrated the millenium!  Yet it doesn't feel too long ago since that happened!  It's when the realisation hits you, that so much time has passed, I'm always confronted with that question - did i use that time well?  How much have I achieved?  That question almost always leaves me somewhat anxious - how do you actually  measure achievements?  Objectively you could use types of material yardstick,but not all accomplishments can be accurately measured that way. 

 I reckon the dogs are not quite as concerned (as we humans are) about accomplishments, effective use of time and the concerns of againg ... they live life and enjoy every moment of it, more so the mischevious ones and have no regrets.  I've always thought we could learn a thing or two about living life from our four legged friends - at least about savouring the moment and worrying less.

Speaking about worries - Anna, our resident Doberman has a worrying lump just under her right eye which I recently discovered.  Apart from that worrying lump (that doesn't seem to hurt even if i apply some pressure on it) she looks to be in the pink-est of health.  Trotting about enthusiastically, with a healthy appetite.   Then there's a couple of Fur kids - Tubby and Dexter that I think are a little under the weather.  While they're active and eat well, they look like they've lost some weight.  I wonder if they've got worms ... or is it merely their human who's got nothing better else to do but to fret about the state of seemingly healthy dogs ...

While the Furkids, I can deal with (been supplementing their diet with high concentrated vitamins), I had the good Doctor to have a look at Anna's lump.  She's due for a biopsy tomorrow. So we're keeping our fingers crossed - paws too (if the dogs worried as much as their human) that its merely a hardened 'fat lump' ... :p

Will report again when she gets back after the Doctor's done tests on her lump.


  1. Prayers fer Anna...

    Bobo and Meja and Mommy

  2. We will be thinking about Anna - paws crossed it is nothing to worry about!
    We agree that humans could learn a lot about enjoying life now from us dogs.
    We don't believe in worrying at all - every day is a new adventure.
    Seize the moment.
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  3. I'm keepin my paws crossed that the biopsy results come back normal!

    wags, wiggles and good luck slobbers

  4. We're sending crossed fingers and paws and lots of wags for Anna. When you have as many dogs as we do, there's always something to worry about with one of them. Right now I have Samba's jaw disease, Tsar has been pulling hair out of his tail and chewing on it and Morgan has a spot on her belly that she has chewed raw. I feel like I'm running a hospital here.

  5. I hope everything turns out okay for Anna. My pal, Tagpi had to go to the vet for a lump on his face a few months ago. Turns out it was just a ginormous pimple. Gross.

  6. Happy December to you too! Yeap...time sure flies. Hope the lump is not serious!

  7. Good luck, Anna. She is such a pretty girl.. I love Dobes!

  8. Paws crossed here that Anna gets a good report. And the humans here still can't believe that another decade has passed already - but it was a good one as it brought six healthy grandchildren with it.

    Woos, the OP Pack