Sunday, June 14, 2009

Backdating entries and carob reviews ...

Hello there good furry and fur-less readers,

Those nice, handsome bassets - Martha and Bailey have sniffed me blogging pattern out. Most would post date entries ... but yours doggedly, being his very busy self being TOP DOG of Dog Woods and lately a bulk of my time's spent trying to evade Donny's aggresive attacks (he seems to go for all of our jagulars! If it's not for the Chief's watchful intervention I bet he would have ripped up a few ... mine especially! :P) I admit I sometimes don't finish pawing me blog until whenever am free enough - which is usually before me bedtime. Good thing for that nice blue 'SAVE NOW' button at the bottom or there'll be blog-less in Dog Woods, for sure!

Loving every bite!

Anywoos, here be our update on those yummy carob cookies that Suzuki's kind mommy sent. We love it! Infact we can't get enough of it - and the Chief knowing our weakness have been making us (literally) jump hoops, roll over, shake paws and 'speak' (which we so happily oblige) for treats!

Having said that - there are a couple non-carob exceptions in the Pack. Donny boy there, has (appalling) turned his nose up to any carob offerings . Donny likes his main meals and doesn't seem to have the tendency to graze on treaties like we do. I suppose you could consider him a very discipline eater - unlike us 'grazers' who's always on a look out for opportunities to beg for more treats!

Trixie for some reason too has her reservations about carob cookies. She prefers fishy smelling treats as oppose to sweet smelling cookies. For some reason eating carob makes her puke. Oh well ...their loss, our gain ... heheh. More to go around! ;) Maybe it's in the Sheepie genes - both Donny (German Shepherd) and Trixie (Belgian Malinois) after all comes from similiar breed.

The Zzzz getting to me eyes. I best be signing off. Good night pups and and peeps and have a great week ahead!


  1. Ohhh.. we love fishy treats!! When our mom first got us some Salmon Treats, we were so hesitant abt eating it cos of the weird smell, but once we ate one, we are hooked!

  2. We all like fishy treats, too. But we like almost any kind of treats. Tsar is the only one who sometimes won't take a treat, but he's a pretty weird dude anyway.

  3. mmm cookies - what lucky doggies you are

    woodrow sweetie mj

  4. I love all treats!

    I'm glad most of woo are enjoying the kharob ones!


  5. Your treats look very nice - it is a bit much making you jump through hoops though!
    Does the chief know you are bassets?
    We often start our blogs and save them! You will just have to make sure you fix the date cos our blog roll changes with the most recent post.
    Therefore we nearly missed you cos you were further down the list!
    We do try to keep up but as you know it can be hard!
    Enjoy whats left of the treats!
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  6. Well, we love all treats! Mom says we are growing (but not getting any taller) - hehe!
    Rufus and Indie

  7. Is Donny trying to take ovfur Dog Woods?
    I'm glad you liked you treats :)
    Big licks to you

  8. Please send any excess carob cookies to me. I am starving.


  9. Hey, if Donny doesn't like them, that makes all the more for you. We love carob too.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  10. any treat is a good treat as far as I am concerned!

    lotsaluv Marvin xxxxxxxxxx

  11. Treats are always good.

    Simba and Jazzi xx