Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dog Woods Baseball team : Play Ball!!

Let's Play ...BALL!

(Invented by swishes and wags of Dexter's tail and ears!)

That's canine sign language - made up Dog Woods version, of course!

And Woof! Woof! Woof! *pant*pant*pant* That's what we've been doing all day today ...

Three not so little Fur Kids sitting in a row ...

Technically we were suppose to be standing around in a diamond shaped field - but since we didn't have that kind of field we planted ourselves ever we felt comfortable.

Baseball Dog Woods style includes loads of jostling, shoving and many many excited licks and wags in between! We had so much fun we felt we all won! Awwwooooo!!

We couldn't really decide who'd be the first to pitch or bat ...

TOP DOG Tuffy : "I bat, you pitch ..."

Wally : "You pitch, I bat ..."

Anywoos, the Chief stepped in and 'pitched'. So we all got to play ball!

... and bat ...

Joe running off to chew on 'bat'

Wally striking out ...

We've discovered that for a dog, batting is almost impossible. :p So we ditched the bat and

And here are some 'base' actions ...

Snoopy showing off her 'slides'

Anna and Dexter - sniffing down yet another scent, not exactly very base-ball-y!

Dexter sniffing up a tree stump ...

While the rest of us were getting loads of ball action ...

Donny proves a natural catch!

While this TOP DOG has to TOP Donny one up ...

Look Chief! I got the ball balanced on me nose!

And where pray tell is our mischevious Trixie the Pixie? Well! If she wasn't running circles around us lot trying to herd us into a 'center, she was trying to snatch our ball and bury it!


  1. Wow you guys did a great job. Sometimes it looked a little more like a football tackle, but it's hard to play by human rules. I loved Dexter in the tree stump and Snoopy sliding. Tell Trixie that Bailey tries to bury the ball when she gets it, too.

  2. Great game, we loved being the fans. Reminded Mom of the little grandbiped's soccer and now softball games with everyone being in one place and no one really knowing who had the ball.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  3. Wow! What a game. I bet you had quite the challenge getting those photos, but it sure was cute!

  4. a definately all star team -

    woodrow sweetie mj

  5. I like Dog Woods style baseball much better than the traditional form of the game!!!

    I mean, I not much into battin, pitchin or fetchin... but I'm great at sniffin out tree trunks! Way to go Dexter!

    wif love from the Luke