Monday, February 1, 2010

Clash of the Divas

Anna and Trixie are it again ... just when you think they've forgiven each other and forgotten about their violent bitchings (against each other).  They clashed - yet again - yesterday evening.

I've taken to separating them.  Confining Trixie to her pen in the day, while Anna gets her daily romp.  While Trixie's time out is in the evening.  Trixie, due to some major weakness in the pen's fencing has been letting herself out each evening.  Notably earlier every day.  Yesterday it happened that she let herself out when Anna was still out and about with me.

It has happened before and they went about their paths peacefully.  But yesterday was different.  I think it had to do with me.  They were fighting for who gets her right with yours truly.  I suppose in a way it's flattering but it sure is a horrifying way (at least to this human) of settling the score.  I was more concern about them getting hurt.

When we finally separated them - there was some blood in Anna's mouth.  And that's the mystery of it ... I gave each one of a them a good check for injuries - and neither one sported any open wounds.  So where did the blood come from? Someone bit her tongue?  Blood was gone a few minutes after and while Anna was safely back in her crate Trixie sported a noticeable limp (esp. when I'm looking) - while she seem to have no problems giving chase.  She was patrolling Dogwoods in her usual self the entire evening.

Makes me wander sometimes, dogs are definitely clever enough to elicit some kind of sympathetic attention.  Am quite relieved that they're both ok.  Must check them over again - just in case.


  1. Oh, I sure hope you are able to break those girls of that nasty "habit."

  2. We have two at our house that want to be Alpha, I mean poochies too!

  3. I seem to be the cause of the worst battles around here, too. They fight over who gets to do things with me. I wish they would quit. Everybody gets a turn.

  4. Alpha girls are the worst. Miss M. is definitely a bully and is always pushing around other girls. We figured out real soon that our next dog needed to be a submissive male.

  5. Thank dogness thewe awe no big giwls can get quite moody sometimes..I hope they wowk out theiw diffewences
    smoochie kisses

  6. We are glad everyone is OK - dogs fighting can be scary!

  7. We hope they are both OK. They both want to be #1 in Mom's eyes. They need to figure it out and move on and be happy.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  8. That is awful when you have two dogs that fight, I guess some can just not get on. I have had the odd scuffle but usually it is sorted with no harm. I hope they are both okay.

  9. Oh-oh! Another scary episode!
    Glad both of them are ok!
    I wish they could get along well!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  10. My mom heard (from the ex) that two of my SibeStas had a battle ovFUR water rights at the bowl a few weeks bakhk -

    One minute all was khwiet -

    The next minute all was not -

    They seemed to have made the peace - in their khases, they both sported some ikhky punkhture wounds -

    Good lukhk with your divas -


  11. Oh dear!! It must have been stressful for everyone (human and dog) involved!! Ok not sure this will help but I think you need to clone yourself.. then each girl can have their own time with you! :P
    Hope that none of the girls were too seriously hurt..

  12. WE do hope they are both OK and this doesn't happen again. Sounds rather scarey.

  13. As I mentioned before, two of ours fuss a lot, and NOW the female pup we kept seems to have an Alpha personality, too. I wonder if it really IS inborn!