Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dream a little dream of me ...

Do dogs dream?

I seem to think so.  Over the years, I've seen my pack - most twitch,  some whine, others bark, while the more active ones make galloping motions and all that while they are horizontal (usually on their sides) with their eyes closed.

It's all quite interesting.  And the good Vet seems to agree - when he was at Dog Woods this afternoon.

It's always been a better option for the good doctor to pop by than yours truly having to struggle to drive with four gregarious, mischevious pups and one highly strung Belgian Malinois.  Believe you me it's quite a job hauling FIVE heavy reluctant pups into the car and out again ... and it doesn't help the four Dobiehound pups have an aversion for car rides.

Speaking about aversions or phobias of ... once upon a time ago, when the Dobie-hound pups were younger I discovered they all had an innate phobia of leashes and collars.  Am not sure where that came from ... but it could be that they were allowed to roam unleashed and collar-less as wee pups.   I simply had to dangle a chain or leash across their back and suddenly they are immobilize.  It was all rather amusing.  They were perfect sitting statues!

Now that they are bigger and have overcome that particular fear, the three - Dexter, Tubby and Brandi, are real hooligans - esp. when they find a weakness in the fence and decide to go about exploring usually returning home - usually, with one side of someone's shoe!  Obviously shoes that don't belong to the humans of Dog Woods!! (Bad dogs, baaaad dogs!!)  I've seen an assortment women's heels, loafers, sneakers, slippers strewn across the front lawn which I can only guess come from one of the neighbours ...( which is a good thing we don't have too many!)

While am just as puzzled as the victim who's missing one side of his or her shoes as to where the other side has come from (or disappeared to), I usually end up feeling quite guilty ... Am not even sure whom to apologize or make up to.  While I make it clear with the Furkids that I don't approve of their nocturnal explorations and leathery finds.  I think they understand my disapproval well else why would they skulk away sheepishly whenever I questioningly hold up some badly chewed up shoe.  No need to even ask 'WHO DID THIS?!' ...

I suppose dogs will be all dogs, they have selective hearing and understanding ... :P

On days like these, I wish they never outgrew their irrational fear of collars.  All I got to do is put a collar on and I know they'll be ... within the safe confines of Dog Woods.

While we're still on phobias, I got the good doctor to prescribe Trixie some sedative.  According to him, he's seen many dogs injure or even kill themselves because of the fire crackers (the bomb like explosions) and fireworks they let off over the eve of the Chinese New Year (CNY) and the last day of the CNY.

Keeping my fingers crossed that Trixie and the rest of the pack will be fine for the CNY explosive celebrations.


  1. Well we dream, me all the time mostly I am a pup playing with my brothers and sisters.
    I think you better watch out for neighbours sort of limping about. I hate fire works. They go off here all year for anything, Birthdays Weddings any party. A family down the road seem to set them off every week end. I do hope Trixie is okay I know how she feels.
    Licks for Trixie From Grumpy Bobby.

  2. The Knight's Uncle is quite taken with your doby-hounds. He had to look at the pictures while I read...

  3. We just hate those nasty fireworks! We do dream, we even woof when asleep.
    Loved the statue pic and the log one - they are very photogenic doggies!

  4. yup I know mine dream, I hear them doing it all night long :)

  5. Our dogs definitely dream or their favorite things. We hear them at night making a sucking noise, like they're eating out of their kong, and running.

  6. the pups here definitely do dream and we see all of those signs that you listed. Wouldn't it be fun to know what they dream about? Hope Trixie does well with the sedative.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  7. I had one dog who used to steal underwear from our neighbor's clothslines and bring it home. She had quite a collection of slips and bras and a few men's boxers. I never knew who it belongs to or exactly how to take it back and explain, so it mostly got thrown away. I always wondered what the neighbors thought when their undies went missing.

  8. Thanks fur the grins here!

    Mom khan just imagine wrestling The DW Pakhk into the Xterra!

    Paws khrossed fur Trixie with the holidays approaching!


  9. Hey guys....
    We missed you tons!!!
    Pleaseeeeee....forgive us haven't been around for so long time.....
    Are you all ok????
    We do dream!!!!!
    Sometimes in the night our humans listen us making strange vocalizations as we're talking....or we moved our paws like we're running!!!!
    Do You do that too???!!!
    We love your photos....our preferred is the one where you're like statue!!!!
    Hope the fireworks don't give you too much trouble!!!!
    WE LOVE YOU And hope to hear from you soon!!!!!!
    Sweet kisses and licks

  10. Definitely. Dennis used to whimper and cry quite a bit in his sleep. He still talks in his sleep a bit but mostly just twitches like he think's he's running, perhaps after bunnies in the back yard. Good luck with CNY!

  11. Me and my brother the Bleu... we boaf dream OUT LOUD. We whimper. We yelp. We quiver. We shake! And our the Mom is a light sweeper, so she clap the hands and utter the comforts/pep talk frew-out the sweepy hours!

    I am pretty good bout gettin up on big bed when dream interrupted... but the Bleu, he is not.

    wif love from the Luke

  12. I talk in my sleep and wag my tail! Sometimes I wake Mom and Dad up cause my tail is hitting them so hard ;o) What am I dreaming about that makes me so happy? I'll never tell! I sure hope Trixie does ok with the festivities. I loved your bottoms up post!