Sunday, February 7, 2010

Trixie sedated


I had to give Trixie a couple of sedative prescribed by the Vet this week.  She was freaking out big time.  The loud blasts in the distance coupled with thunder and lightning was too much for poor Iggy (that's what I call her) to bear.  Being a pixie as she is, Trixie leapt over the 5 foot high gate that we sometimes close to keep the dogs out from certain areas.  Then she frantically wanted to squeeze through the french window grills just to get to where I was.

At the rate she was going (she was trying to squeeze through the window grills!) hurt was bound to happen. So two pills it was.  I had her swallow the lot whether she liked it or not.  To my relief,  she looked a lot calmer after that.  At least she wasn't trying to climb any thing she caught get her paw on or squeeze her head through ...

Have made a mental note to ask the doctor for more.  I've got 4 more pills left - am not sure that's going to last me till after the Chinese New Year.  We're not even on day one of the CNY yet and I'm down to but four ( a mere couple of doses).

 It's interesting though ... the older Trixie gets the more terrified she gets of loud blasts and thunder storms.  She was never this way when she was younger - then again, most pups are innocently clueless ... I suppose it's a fear developed over time.  Them dogs deciding for themselves that they absolutely hate loud rumbles or blasts and start fussing.

Now that Trixie's attended to,  my next patient is Tubby Jr.  He's got a swollen front paw and has been hobbling about today - I must add, quite capably doing the stuff the Furkids would do minus 50% of his mobility!  So far I've not detected an open wound ... but he would yelp if I applied pressure to the sides of his paws.  I suspect either he got bitten by a noxious creepy crawly or he got bitten by his brother in a fight yesterday evening.  Other than the hobbling on threes, his appetite is perfectly fine.  He does however seem to get worn out alot quicker hobbling about on three legs rather on four.

I suppose on the bright side that keeps him from scaling up a tree by the fence and going on one of his nocturnal escapades outside of Dog Woods (now that they discovered that weaknesses in fences have been secured).

Honestly, at the rate of mischief the Furkids get up to, sometimes I think I'm dealing with monkeys rather than young dogs!  Do you think getting the male Dobiehounds 'fixed' would help tone them down somewhat?

Trixie and Tubby and Snoopy in the corner


  1. There's always something going on with a large pack. Someone is always hurt and mischief happens. I'd keep a supply of those pills on hand for Trixie. Have you tried soaking the little guy's paw? it may relieve the pain a little and allow you to see where the injury is.

    Having the boys fixed may cut down on their wanderlust. If it keeps them home in their own yard, it's worth it.

  2. I do hope Trixie, and Tubby are okay, it is so scary all those bangs. We become our own worst enemy when we panic.

  3. Sigh, I hate loud noises. Poor Trixie.

  4. Trixie sounds like our Buddy, only he hates sirens (and answering machines). When Jan left him and Merci in her mother's yard while she went to Wal-mart just a block down the street, there was an accident at the intersection and Buddy panicked, somehow going over the 4' fence and up to her mother's front door. He was only a puppy at the time.

  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh poor Trixie....
    Hope the sedative will work very well for her....
    We aren't scared by those bad sounds.....but we can understand what you feel!!!!!!!!
    we're close to you!!!!!!!
    Take care of you baby!!!!!
    Sweet kisses and licks

  6. Paws khrossed fur Trixie!

    Mom and I have soft spots fur Belgian breeds thanks to Princess Eva and Handsome Brice The Tervurens!

    As fur khalming your monkeys down: YES! TUTOR THEM - it is good fur so many reasons!


  7. I guess there is always an issue with one the kids, right?
    I hope Trixie and Tubby are doing well now!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  8. Poor Trixie and Tubby! Huskee hates sudden loud noises too and when he hears them, he pees inside the house. Don't ask me what the connection between the 2 is cos I am still trying to figure it out myself! But you are right, it seems to become more prevalent as he ages cos he was never like this before.
    Oh and good thing he doesn't try and squeeze through our grilles cos we live on the 11th floor.. :P

  9. Sorry to hear about the freak out but glad you had meds to help

  10. That is one busy crew. You have to have eyes in the back of your head to keep up with them.