Monday, February 22, 2010

That not so innocent 'puddle' ...

Sniffing for pity

That not so innocent looking 'puddle' that's left on either ends of the coffee table or the legs of the sofa is the chief-est reason why Tuffy (self claimed basset top dog of Dog Woods) is banned from the living area.  And when that happens, out comes industrial cleaners.  From disinfectant wipes to detergent, anti bacterial-ladened clean ups - yours truly determined to get rid of all manners of germs and smells that comes with his lordly pee - only to be satisfied with at least a couple of wipe downs.  

Understandably it's a alpha male thing to want to mark his territory - so long as it's done outdoors.  

One would have thought, with a large yard, miles of grass and many trees to mark and closely supervised outdoor romps - usually to water them telephone poles,  Tuffy would have emptied his bladder. But somehow or another, the ol' boy almost always have some emergency reserve left for the corners of the couch, the legs of the coffee table or the sideboard!
'*Howl!*, I surrender!'

Mind you, the Tuffy knows leaving his mark indoors is unacceptable behaviour yet, he's determine to take his chances ... preferably behind our backs, of course.  But yours truly have since learn to pre-empt his urges.   Before he even thinks of lifting his back hind legs I'm already on his case.  A stern 'Tuffy!!' and off he'd sit guiltily - knowing he'd been caught yet doggedly unrepentant he'd not been quick enough.  

Basset Charmer at large

All's usually forgiven one's he's slunk off to join the rest of the pack merrily playing - momentarily given up the idea of leaving his noxious mark indoors.  We all know, given half the chance, the top dog Tuffy will be back to mark his spots indoors!


  1. Jan swears male dogs have a separate reservoir for special occasions because they can always find something to leave everywhere.

  2. Oops!
    And he looks so innocent in those pictures!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Ooooo, no peeing in da house, nope, not a good thing, not ever!

  4. I have the same problem with Fudge when the other males are around. It's tough to catch him, he's very fast and very sneaky.

  5. Amazing how they can still keep some in emergency reserves.

  6. I amaze Mom on our walks with how much I have in my tank...and I'm a girl!


  7. ROFL! I had no idea Tuffy was so territorial. :)

  8. I just had a field time wiping Huskee's 'lordly pees' yesterday evening!! For some reason, he's decided to mark the INSIDE of the house and bless his little bladder, he was able to squeeze out enough droplets (the don't even qualify as 'puddles' to make me bring out the detergent to disinfect the whole area. Grrrrrrrrr.....

    Tuffy's definitely put his basset charms to good use.. I'd have forgiven him in a jiffy!!

  9. I never noticed what big ol' paws Tuffy has. The second picture is my favorite... Sweet Tuffy!

  10. I'm too busy admiring the handsome hound. He sure is lovely... and knows it. ;)

  11. Tuffy wants to be sure the rest of the kingdom knows he was there:) We had a male dog that would always lift his leg on the bedskirts. About three months after he was neutered, that behavior stopped almost completely with just the occasional accident.

    Woos, Phantom, Thunder,and Ciara