Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Acute Pancreatitis

""Acute Pancreatitis"- that's what Trixie's doctor said was the cause of death when he called to report later this morning.

"What caused it?"  I asked.  He answered, "No one can be too sure. However it is common amongst particularly amongst female dogs.  Causes?   It could be her diet (but they all eat the same thing!).  Her age (Trixie's four human years old) But there's no determined causal link ...although some breeds are known to develop the problem "

The puzzling thing is, Trixie out of the lot was possibly the most robust out of the pack.  She hardly ever had diohrrea, or vomited.  Hardly ever shown signs of lethargy or developed a fever.  Infact, hardly fell sick for that matter. From the day she came to Dog Woods as a wee pup of 3 months she was always on the go.  She was so hyper, I had to properly school myself on how to handle and train a dog so highly strung!

To be honest, she was the one that caused the most injuries amongst the other dogs. The two, Joe the Rottweiller and Anna the Doberman never stood a chance against Trixie the Belgian Malinois. Don't get me started on how many times Joe (the Rottie) got nipped in the butt and the wound later demanded some careful care.  And then there's Anna - Trixie's caused some major damage there too - twice required stitching and draining.  Even from her cage recently, she manage to inflict a couple of bites on Anna's left check.   Because of the recent clashes I've been giving both Anna and Trixie many running checks just to see if I've missed any injuries.  Trixie almost always seem to come away unscathe after clashing with either Joe or Anna.

And then all of a sudden she left us.  Time's up.  Maybe all these while she's been trying to tell me that something's wrong and I mistook that for her being afraid of firecrackers (since she scaled her pen's fence every time she heard a pop).   You know the song 'Who Let The Dog Out??' - that was Trixie.  She'd let herself out, climb any fence or gate that confined her - more so over the CNY festivities.

The only time she required the doctor's attention was when she had a piece of skin dangling from behind her left hind leg.  Am not sure how that happened (from running too hard - into fence?) but she came bounding and sat even without me calling.  And when they are that good, something's definitely amiss...The doctor had to stitch her up.

I suppose am still plagued with 'what ifs ...'  Could it all have been prevented ... had I called the doctor earlier .... *sigh*

To think those pictures were taken  a little more than a week ago.  After Joe returned from having his wound treated (thanks to Trixie), Anna getting bitten (by Trixie yet again) and Wally getting tick fever.

So rest in peace Trixie.  I'll always remember you.  Some day I'll see you again ... over that rainbow.


  1. We're so sorry that Trixie had to leave so suddenly. We don't know much about pancreatitis but our hearts are breaking for you. Rest in peace, Trixie.

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Trixie will always be with you in your heart--our pets never truely leave us.
    that is such a shock to loose her so suddenly, but she didn't suffer for years on end so that is one thing.--i really don't believe she ever suffered or tried to "tell you something". please don't play the "what if" game --you did nothing wrong and this came out of left field. we never know what life has in store for us, so you just make the most of each moment--that is how dogs live, in the moment-- and for Trixie, every moment was a great one because of the life you gave her

  3. It sounds like Trixie had such a zest for life and was so happy at your place. You gave her the most wonderful life and in turn she gave you unconditional love. We know you will miss her so much. Again, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

  4. We are glad to see you know what took her -

    It doesn't make it any easier -

    Pancreatitis can be a tricky one - as you said, sometimes you just own it up to something else -
    Please don't punish yourself anymore about it - I don't think Trixie would want that - in fact, she'd probably nip woo for it!

    Khyra & Phyll

  5. Thank you so much for sharing Trixie with us. I'm sure she, Mugsy and Fred are having some fine, rough play on the other side of the bridge!

  6. We are still shocked at how sudden Trixie left us!
    So we can imagine you must be feeling pretty numb right now.
    We are thinking of you all at this very sad time.

  7. It's been over a year since we lost Monty and I still wonder how I could have missed that he was so sick. Dogs are very good at hiding their ills from us. We just have to learn from them and become even more observant with the rest.

    Trixie was a beautiful girl and brought you much love and joy. Remember the good times with her and cuddle the others.You and I are blessed to have so many sweet dogs in our lives.

  8. Glad you have an answer, even though it doesn't solve all the mystery. Poor Trixie!

  9. We didn't know Trixie -- but we wanted to send you our love at this sad time.

    From what we just read, Trixie had a wonderful life with you and we hope those memories will help fill the hole in your hearts at this sad sad time.

    Joan (and Jake and Just Harry, the Barkalot Boyz)

  10. Thats so sad. When we took Mesa in for her vomiting they said if she kept doing it to bring her back in because it could be pancriatitis.

  11. I am at least happy to hear it isn't something she could have passed on to the other dogs.

    You did your very best and it was just time for her to go.

    Jo and Stella

  12. We were sorry about Trixie, we do not think you could have done anything. As Stella said at least it was not something that could be passed on to your other dogs.

  13. it is just so sad to lose her so young, but you have to take consolation in the fact that she enjoyed the life she had to its fullest.

    Hugs, the OP Pack

  14. We are still so sad for you and very sorry for your loss. You're in our thoughts. :(

  15. Acute pancreatitus just happens, it isn't something that would have been causing her any pain prior to the attack. Don't "what if" yourself. The fact that you keep wondering what you could have done better says it all. You loved her and always did the very best for her. No one can ask for more and most get significantly less. Trixie was lucky to have such a wonderful home and you were lucky to have known her. You fretting over her would only upset her.

  16. WE are so sorry Trixie left you so suddenly. We didn't know her but she certainly sounded a girl who lived life to the full.

    You are in our thoughts.

    Molly, Taffy and Monty

  17. oh my, I am so so so so sorry to read your blog news, I have been away for a while so this came as a shock to me.

    I know we didn't always comment as much as we should but our hearts are full with love and such sadness for you on your loss.

    Trixie is running free across that bridge, however, I am sure you would rather she was with you here and now.

    No words we can ever say will take away your grief, but I hope you are warmed by our words, however tame they may seem. They are meant with all our hearts and love to you.

    Jeannie and Marvin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. It's so hard to say good-bye no matter when or how they leave us. It's very sad Trixie had to leave.

  19. We know it is really hard for you how Trixie left so suddenly, but please don't beat yourself up. You have given her (and the rest) nothing but love and devotion...

    May she continue her adventures over at the Rainbow Bridge and bring fun to all who is already there.

  20. I've been back tracking through several of your blogs to see what had happened, and I again, want to say how saddened I am that you are going through this.

    The only thing that I've read of that sometimes causes pancreatitis is overeating fat... They say not to feed a dog the skin of a turkey like at Thanksgiving because it can cause this. I found this when looking up foods that are toxic to dogs and saw Turkey skin and couldn't figure out what a problem that could be. I've always given my dogs pieces of the skin before (the parts that weren't crispy because I like that) and never had one get sick, but now I make sure not to give them more than a few nibbles. I gather it is hard on the liver, too, so with OC's age, hip & back problems, and weight, I don't give her ANY fat anymore.

    I doubt that you'd had a turkey or a lot of chicken skins, though, but that is the only specific thing I've seen any warnings about, and like the vet said, sometimes, these things just happen and we don't know why. When they are called, they have to go, just as we do, leaving those behind so heart-hurt, but with loving memories to help us through.

    I was wondering what CNY is? Is that central New York? The thing is, I heard NY was under snow and your pics don't show snow... Just wondered...

  21. We're so sorry for your loss. We lost my sis suddenly right before Christmas. I've spent a lot of time comforting the humans. You're in our thoughts.