Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bark-day Pitch (II) From the Chief to the Dog Woods Canine

Hello there!

This be what the Chief wrote to us today regarding the Couple of Bark-day Paw-ties Per Week Pitch. I had Snoopy to analyse the letter and the smart cookie says there's nothing to analyze.
Request DENIED. :P

But somehow it doesn't feel so bad. At least we still get to paw-ty daily! Woooo!!!


Dear Roly-Polies,

Am afraid having at least a couple of bark-day pawties a human week complete with Bark-day Cakes, treats and all is simply out of the question.

Have you measured the size of your expanding hips lately? Your diet obviously is NOT working, judging from the fact that you all almost always succeed in manipulating me to give you treats in between your meals.

Besides, at the rate you roly-poly pupper-ties are paw-tying i.e. running around unleashed daily, wrecking havoc in the gardens, dig, wrestle, tear, chew and chase each other for the entire day almost and then collapse in a happy contented furry heap in hopefully anticipation of treats or the next meal; For any Bark-day Paw-ty celebration to be 'felt' in Dog Woods'Pack daily gala of a time instance, you'd all have to have to undergo a drastic change of lifestyle i.e. be confine in some kind of space where you're unable to do much demolition work, have a reduction of treats and meals, play alot less ...

I don't think that lifestyle would do very well with the Dog Woods Pack especially since you poochies are accustom to Daily Paw-tying.

Now, please don't inteprete it as my loving you any less. Just from a health point of view a couple of Bark-day Cakes and more treats a week is a little too much for you poochies. But having said that, that doesn't rule out a occassional Bark-day Cakes and special treats a year. While the Paw-tying (i.e. the mad wild stampeding about) and demolition work I believe (quite resignedly) I can deal with ...


Yours lovingly,

The Big Chief


  1. We see the chief is on about your dieting again!! Sometimes these humans are sooooo unreasonable!
    Good the chief as accepted the inevitable demolition of her garden and home!
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  2. Hey Tuffy
    Scooby asked me to let you know to send him pee-mail at if you want to participate in Scooby's Single Saturdays. That way he can email you a questionnaire back.
    Big licks to you

  3. Hang tough! Pawties! Pawties! Pawties!

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  4. Humbug! Somebody is a big party pooper. And I don't think that it helps one's self-confidence to have their jolly bottoms pointed out all over the internets.


  5. Hey POO on the Chief!!! Party pooper for sure.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  6. Evil hooomans! This is an emergency: you'll HAVE to chew on something! Pee on the furniture! :)



  7. No way should you be shakin' on this deal! Stand firm on the pawties, guys!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. Woof!
    But I don't understand.
    Did The Chief said yes?
    I thought I read Yes?
    If The Chief said Yes I am going to pack my bags and join you for all those bark Pawties!

    One can never have enough.

  9. I'm sorry to hear that your bark-day pitch was denied. I swear, sometimes our hoomans are out to make our lives miserable what with their denying us treats and weekly bark-day paw-ties and subjecting us to regular grooming and vet visits!

  10. How can you bark day pitch get denied.. diet smiet.
    You need to have your pawties!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Come back any time.