Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Treat-ful Moments

...the Chief may be eee-viiilll but she's not really a gone case ... can't help this canine loyalty streak. I adore my humans no matter how eee-vil they are!

She sent her 'Special Assistant' to amuse us over the weekend with a bag of 'Greenies' which we scoffed down in no time. Apparently they're good for one's teeth ... so we, Pack and Fur Kids had a couple each.

Actually, that not quite right. Snoopy Smart Cookie had more than a couple ... she cunningly bullied the kids into surrendering their share of 'Greenies'. But fortunately, the 'Special Assistant' who was supervising our Treat-ful Moments came to the Fur Kids rescue.

More than a few Greenies were actually pried out of Snoopy's already stuffed mouth ... (how she got so many in is a wonder ...!) and returned to the 'rightful mouths'. Then the Kids got into a fight - each trying to bully the other into surrendering their 'Greenies' (puppy see, puppy do ... Snoopy can sometimes be a bad influence when it comes to Treat-ful Moments!) which again required the Special Assistance's intervention.

But all too soon, our Treat-Ful moment came to and abrupt end, no fault of the humans though. We made our plea for more ... but we were shown we had already scoffed down TWO bagful in one sitting!

'CHEW not GOBBLE!' the Special Assistant squeals in exasperation ...
Apparently, from the human point of view, THAT's suppose to make our Treats last longer... From this TOP DOG's sees it, the only way Treats are to 'last longer' is to increase its QUANTITY(ies)!

Honestly, humans!


  1. EXACTLEY! You need more treats not eat them more slowly...
    Big licks to you

  2. We khan't help ourselves when things are YUMMY!


  3. Sometimes they just don't get it. More treats not eat slower.

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  4. I agree too - you got it right. When is enough? NEVER!!


  5. oh my, I'm so jealous - I don't get to have greenies or anything like that - You see I'm an aggressive chewer and I eat them up very quickly and because I have a very small liver I can't digest them - then I get really sick and can't poop - and I had to stay in the Intensive Care for 2 whole days and nights - But for those of you who can enjoy your treats - well, ENJOY! I' only can have yogurt drops and they aren't very chewy - but they're good!