Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Zzzzzzz Champion ...

Catching some 'Zzzzzzzzz'

...at any time, any place ... will drop into snooze mode in a matter of seconds. Will not even budge for treat!

'O wonderous treat before me ... I shall resist thee ..(NOT!)'
Well, to be waggingly honest - that's not quite true - since I simply cannot resist a treat...

But you see, gentle readers, am Zzzzzz champion because I have an astounding talent to doggy-multi-task. Being horizonal with eyes shut has never been a deterrant in gobbling down treats. Have acquired the 'HOO-Ver manoever', where mouth opens and Treat is suck right in - just like vacuum cleaner! If that doesn't work, will stick tongue out and slurp it all in just like them green amphibious creatures the Chief calls Frogs!

'Hoovering it ALL in ...'

Quite a feat, considering I've not choke eating while being horizontal with eyes closed - YET!
The Chief however, doesn't make much of my wonderful multi-tasking talents. She begrudgingly thinks she's been outsmart by Dog Woods' TOP DOG (;)with his 'Woof-Timber-WOoooo!' technique ...
Both the Chief and I know she can't lift me nor shove me out of the way - not without the help of a FORK LIFT. So instead she's forced to Treat me. I've made it very clear that this TOP DOG will only budge at the rate of ONE TREAT PER STEP! And how big a Step that's for me to decide and the Chief to find out! She better have loads of TREATS to spare ...

'Now that was Yummy ...' *smack lips* 'Do you have some more??'

So much for the CHIEF's Die-T plans ... I know, I drive a hard bargain - esp. when this Canine chose to Timber at the right LOCATION!
*grins smugly*


  1. I do like a good snooze too.
    Having to do it a lot now as it is hard work keeping up with the collies I am living with


  2. Eating in your sleep? Oh my, don't let Truffles get wind of this!

  3. so glad you did not have to get up and do any fancy tricks for your treat. Nap well.

  4. You are definitely Top Dog. Even I can't eat a treat while sleeping. You should be on TV with that trick.

  5. We have to hand it to you - that is pretty impressive!
    Make sure you get enough sleep now...........
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xx

  6. well, that's impressive... You didn't even open your eyes! BOL... great pics, greaaat pics!



  7. What an amazing trick! We could never in a million years pull that one off!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. Incredible! Absolutely incredible!! You are one skillful dog. And smart too, using your amazing talents as a bargaining chip. Oh, I'm taking lessons from you!


  9. To be honest I am worried you are not getting enough sleep!

    You must make sure you always get plenty of Zzzzzzzs!

    thank you for the award, I am posting about it today.

    lotsoflicks, you handsome dog! Marvin xxxx

  10. Hmmm what a talent! can you teach me that one?

    Ben xxx

  11. You are too funny. That is a talent we are willing to explore at our home too. We owe it all to you!

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  12. Your trick dogs! And I think you need more sleep!

  13. Sleep-Eating! Now I have seen everything ...