Monday, January 19, 2009

Barking Order

To be TOP DOG - like myself, one has to have a pack to be TOP DOG of. In most thick of the woods, a pack of five should give any top dog some kind of princely conqueror status. But here, in Dog Woods, which I am Lord of, I run a pack of THIRTEEN! (No such thing as an unlucky number 13 for amongst us canines...) That record number of pack members simply elevates my TOP DOG status to a sort of glorious canine emperor of the realm.

In barking order, here are my subjects:-

1) Anna the Doberman and Snoopy the Basset Hound

This is a tricky one. I can't really decide which of the two take 'Second command'. They are both equally smart, sassy and adorable. Anna the tall, sleek, dark, leggy Doberman is the mother to my offsprings while Snoopy my fellow Hound, is cuddly rotund, in the cutest sort of way. She's always been here for as long as I can remember. Infact, she was the one who showed me all the tricks of the trade esp. in how to get the BIG CHIEF to feed us additional treats!

2) Then there's Trixie - another adoring fan of mine. She's the Belgian Malinios, fawn and furry, very very quick on her legs. She's probably the fastest dog in Dog Woods and chasing motorbikes is her pet pastime.

3) Ol' Joe of course, former Alpha male of Dog Woods. He's still as intimidating as ever (and I admit I am still a little wary of him - I was once upon a time ago, the underdog of the realm) I suppose all Rottweillers are. But ever since the puppies came along, he's sort of honorably relinquish his top dog status. Its not about brawns anymore its all about conquering via progeny!

Now you'd all be wondering, why my pack is mainly made up of so many beautiful female canines. It's simply because babes fine me irresistable! A 'Grrrowwwll' and *wink* and they start licking me in show of submission. The BIG CHIEF has declared that I'm the woods Casanova ... which is a good thing of course ... else I wouldn't have fathered...

4) My nine puppies.
All six males and three females! There's Tubby (Jr.), Wally, Dexter, Baxter, Pinto, Brandi, Eva and Zsa Zsa.

More on them in my later posts. I've hit my maximum in photo uploads!

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