Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fatherhood: A pictorial account

Like any proud Father, I have tonnes of pictures to share ... I'd be careful of course, so I won't bore the bones out of my gentle readers (be glad the BIG CHIEF lost the batch of earlier Furkids photos i.e. from their 1st and 2nd months! Else I'd have even more to show!)

I daresay that playing an active role as a Father to my Furkids is possibly one of the hardest and tiring thing I've ever done! At that age, they are compact little furballs of energy, being all over the place, all at once ... and just watching HALF of NINE of them wears me out! How on earth does Anna manage all NINE single-pawly miffs me ... She's definitely more than amazing!

Admittedly, there have been times when them Furkids drive me me barkers! Like a herd of stampeding wilderbeast (believe you me, its mostly like the Serengeti at Dog Woods these days!) all NINE smother me with their energetic enthusiasm. And in the wriggling melee of it all, I've been shoved, tugged, licked, jumped on, kicked, nipped. Their intentions are good - to shower me with affection. But the execution really leaves much to be desired. My time to snooze is limited, I can't even walk straight without tripping over a few of my furkids, even my treats have been sharply reduce now that there are extra NINE pups to share with!

Furkids and their ambitious collaborative project - to dig to China!

Furkids with their Mom - resting under the shade

The furkids up to their usual mischief - watched by their aunt Snoopy

Yet, I won't have it any other way ... my furkids, as rambuctious and mischievious, bring us (I speak also for the elder canines of Dog Woods) much joy and and myself - much status!

The irony of it all is that as trying and tiring as they are, we (Anna, Snoopy and myself) be even more worried if they were quiet and good for the day! Something must be terribly wrong then ...

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