Sunday, January 18, 2009

If Dogs Could Blog ...

'Arf! Arf!' ...ask any dog and they will tell you (if they could speak and write in English like me) that that's 'Hello! Glad to see you!'

I go by Tuffy, by the way. That's what the BIG CHIEF calls me. I daresay I've rather taken to the name. You know how humans believe that one grows into a name or the name grows on one (err...hmmm...), but my point being, a dog called Tuffy i.e. yours truly, is one not adorably cute but also extraordinarily intelligent - as evident from this blog!

No one exactly knows my actual birthday (not even the pet shop I came from)but according to the dates on my vet's card, I'm about two and a half human years old. That translate into 25 Basset Hound Years (This One Human Year to SEVEN dog years really is relative ...).

And what have I achieved in those years apart from being champion eater, sleeper and lounger ...? Being a Father to NINE puppies. How's that for size?! And from my progeny, I'd ensure I'd live on forever and thus my empire of Dog Woods and beyond will be always be secured! (muahahahahaahaha!!!)

Well ... admittedly not quite in my present form (dogs have their mortal coil to shuffle off too, you know!) but at least my genes pool will still be swirling about. With NINE offsprings genes like mine would be hard to snuff out!

Now that my human readers is the ULTIMATE achievement of any male dog. And I daresay a dog as smart and good looking like myself have got it made at such young age too! Talk about capable, macho-stud-muffin...

And mind you and NOT every male dog actualizes such ultimate goals ... Look at ol' Joe the Rottweiller. He used to be the alpha male of Dog Woods and since its a well known fact (which am not very proud of), I once used to be terrified as in petrified-to-the-point-of-not-being-able-to-move-a-whisker because Joe used to attack me (so I took his bone ... but that's not a good reason to jump on another dog!), but since my offsprings came along Joe's somewhat awed by the fact that there are now not one but TEN of me(s) to reckon with. First important lesson which I took the pains to ingraine my wee ones is to bark as ferociously at Joe whenever they see him and boy, all my kids sure do me proud!

Now that's definitely some esteem boost. Since then, I've found my loud, proud baying voice - the sort that annouces to the entire neighbourhood that 'Tuffy's-in-the-Woods! (Basset hound's specialty is baying by the way. We have a knack of being able to run and bark at the same time. It's equivalent to a human's ability (or lack of) of eating and talking at the same time - without choking of course!)

Anyway, enough for now. I daresay all this blogging is making me rather hungry ... I wonder if BIG CHIEF has anything up her sleeves ...*smack lips*

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