Saturday, January 31, 2009

A spot of 'sayang' ...


TUFFY's in the WOODS!

I'm back ... ! Unscathed even when Dog Woods froze over because of Snoopy's (she-who-would-not-be-crossed) scorn. I count myself very lucky ... had it not been for the BIG CHIEF's constant 'spot of sayang ...', I'd be one very unhappy Lord of Dog Woods!

That's what we canines at Dog Woods constantly crave (in addition to tasty morsels that is). 'Sayang' is a Malay would for affection - that's what I've been made to understand because that's what the BIG CHIEF would say whenever we sidle up to her for our share of affectionate fuss for the day. 'Are you here for a spot of sayang ...?'

And no matter how bad the day had turned out, where one had their treats snatched, thumped, jumped on, mauled, bloodily injured, poked and prodded by the Vet that 'spot of sayang' will simply make everything alright. And all those rather traumatic experiences seem to fade away like a distant bad dream and hope and optimism returns ...

We'd even turn belly-up (nothing short of lifeless, I assure you) just to show our deepest doggy appreciation. That's canine expression of ultimate trust and subservience. Even Ol' Joe - as big, scary and unpredictable as he is, would give the BIG CHIEF the 'belly up'.

With BIG CHIEF's 'spot of affectionate fussing', all's now forgiven. I'm back in Snoopy's good books and I've promised her that next that I write about her ideas I'll make sure I acknowledge her doggy brilliance! She's not called the SMART COOKIE for nothing ...

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