Monday, January 26, 2009

Last night ...

...was a nightmare to ALL canines at large - in this particular geographic area that is - where humans are still allowed to let off firecrackers and fire works on Chinese New Year eve even if its considered ILLEGAL!

It's been nerve wrecking the last week or so - with our human counterpart merrily letting off things that go 'BANG' in the night. Mind you its just not one 'BANG' but an LONNNNGGG ARDUOUS LITANY of EXTREMELY LOUD BANGS. For a dog who's hearing is considered to be in the category of 'SUPERS' compared to our relatively deaf human (no insult intended) counterpart, those BANGS are more than any poor doggy (*whine*whine*) can bear!

Last night was the worst of the series of BANGS that them humans have been gleefully letting off. It was so bad, you'd think (even from a human visitor's point of view), that the region had gone into war. The night was not only filled by loud scary noises but also bright sparks and billowing thick smoke.
...'twas enough to make Trixie (our champion guard dog) want to climb the fence. I kid you not! She was already half wear up the fence in fright when BIG CHIEF caught her! The poor girl was even more terrified then we were. I suppose I was relatively lucky in a sense my ears are of the long floppy kind, so it acts as a protective muffler of sorts ... It was unfortunate that Trixie perky sharp ears (that could hear a pin drop) offered no such 'protection' that night. Her ears was tweaked back in fright ... Everyone at Dog Woods was petrified, sidling up to BIG CHIEF when she came to check on us imploring her with our pitiful whines and woe-be-gone-poor-is-me look (I dare claim I'm one of the best at that LOOK) to make the BANGS go away. But there's only so much the BIG CHIEF can do ... she assured us it'll be all over soon enough. But sometimes 'soon enough' can feel like a doggy lifetime!
We're all relieved we survived last night relatively unscathed - just a little ringing in the ears ...

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