Sunday, January 18, 2009

These paws ...

Now... you gentle readers might all be wondering how on earth does a dog blog especially when they have paws instead of hands. And pads instead of fingers.

Simply with my fantastic powers of telepathy, I am able to exert some mind control on the BIG CHIEF (without her even knowing about it), dictating to her my take of the day, demanding a written record. Thus, ensuring that my every glorious movement, bark, wag or lick will forever be recorded in this digital tome. It's what most great rulers of history would eventually do in within their reign - commission scribes, artists to create a great book depicting their glorious achievements of their realm!! And I, Tuffy (the GREAT) is doing just that!

I jest of course, thanks to my wonderful sense of dog humour ...

In truth, although I'd like to have telepathic, mind powers especially over BIG CHIEF (why waste it on a blog when I can get her to feed me and me ALONE, ALL her yummy table scraps!?!), I actually paw out my blog. Yes, like all of your bloggers out there, literally and enthusiastically pounding the keyboards with your human fingers. In my doggy case, these fantastic-well-manicured (thanks to BIG CHIEF over enthusiastic grooming) paws.

I am after all, an extraordinary Basset Hound -on top of being Alpha Male and Lord of Dog Woods!

Since we're on the subject of my wonderfully accomplished paws, let me list out to you what my paws can do (in addition to blogging):-

1) Paw

2) Push or Shove other doggies in my way - especially useful during meal times.

3) Open doors, literally!

4) 'Shake paws' with humans - its unbelievable what a mere simple gesture of giving my paws can do to any human! I am endeared almost immediately ... its especially useful when you want a human to give you a treat ...(which explains why the BIG CHIEF sometimes refer to me as 'TUBBY').

I could go on and on about how wonderous my paws are but I shan't bore you, dear readers, any longer with such dogmatic details. There is after all, a certain allure in leaving the rest (of what my fantastic paws can do) a mystery. ;)

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